Opinion: The Rock's rating in 2K19 is insanely exaggerated

The Rock
The Rock

The People's Champ is perhaps one of the most flexible in-ring entertainers in WWE. He has won the WWE Championship eight times, and he has additionally won the WCW Championship twice. He's the 6th Triple Crown champion, and he has also won Tag Team gold five times. 

He has acted in motion pictures like Fast and Furious, Jumanji, and Baywatch, to give some examples, and that has raised him to the first class level of Hollywood. He began as a star working in comedy films but has worked up the ladder to become one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood Industry.

Speaking about The Rock and his achievements, it is indeed clear that he will go down in history as one of the best superstars in WWE's history. I have always personally felt that The Rock and his magic in the WWE Universe has a lot to do with his success in Hollywood.

But nonetheless, The Chosen One is athletic, talented and a great in-ring performer who has given us some very interesting matches in the past and during his recent stints with WWE.

But I won't rate The Rock as someone who can topple down Goldberg with a clear gap. The recently released WWE 2K19 released its ratings and truth be told The Rock is way up the ladder in this rating chart. Not that he doesn't deserve high ratings, but it looks insanely exaggerated as compared to other WWE Superstars.

The Rock boasts a 93 rating. This goes on to best Bret Hart who has a rating of 91, Eddie Guerero with 89, and John Cena with a mere 89. Cena could not even hit the 90-mark in average ratings.

It's not that The Rock's 93 is any way overestimated on 2K19, but comparatively he bests the great legends by a very big margin. The Rock, alongside Brock Lesnar, is the strongest in 2K19, with a rating of 93. Truth be told, The Rock having an average rating of 93 even after leaving WWE years back speaks a lot about his continuing prominence in the industry.

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Edited by Gabby Duran
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