Opinion: The Rock vs Roman Reigns should headline Wrestlemania 35

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The two cousins might be set to face off at the 'Grandest Stage of them all'

After Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar at Summerslam to win the Universal Championship, it felt like a fresh beginning for the WWE. Lesnar has been rumoured to be leaving the WWE, in order to challenge for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. And his loss at Summerslam seemed to confirm those rumours.

But with Brock's departure, news about the comeback of another legend has broken out. According to reports, The Rock has emerged as the shocking betting favourite to win the 2019 Royal Rumble. If The Rock does indeed go on to prove the bookies right and end up winning the Royal Rumble, a Wrestlemania main event against Roman Reigns might be on the cards.

When recently asked about a potential return to the ring at a recent event, he added fuel to this rumours by stating that he could not wait to get back into the ring. This is completely the opposite of the expected approach to curb the rumours by deflecting the question. So is The Rock really come back soon?

The Rock emerged as the shock betting favourite to win the Royal Rumble next year. The odds on him are currently at a pretty strong 2/1. Compare this to John Cena's 12/1, Seth Rollins' 8/1 or Daniel Bryan's 6/1 odds and it is hard not to feel like the bookies know something that we don't.

Nobody saw this coming, as there have been no indications that The Rock might be on the verge of a comeback to the ring anytime soon. But if he does end up winning the Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns will be the obvious choice for him to face at Wrestlemania.

After Brock Lesnar's departure, the WWE will be looking for a big name to main event Wrestlemania. Since Wrestlemania 28, each Wrestlemania has had a part-timer in the main event. Batista, Lesnar, Triple H and The Rock have main evented the show in the past decade despite not being regular performers anymore.

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Both men belong to the legendary Anoa'i family.

With Reigns and The Rock, the WWE already have a built-in storyline in place. The 'cousins' might face each other at Wrestlemania to see who is the best wrestler to come out of the legendary Anoa'i family.

While these rumours might seem a little far-fetched at first, there is a method to the madness. The Rock is one of the biggest stars in the world at the moment and will surely bring mainstream attention to the WWE. Reigns, on the other hand, is the face of the company and the biggest star that the WWE has at this point in time.

The two men facing off at Wrestlemania would be a truly epic moment. It will ensure that Wrestlemania 35 is one of the biggest shows ever while also giving Reigns the mainstream exposure he needs to become a pop culture icon like Cena, Hogan, Flair, Austin and The Rock himself.

Although these are all speculations at the moment, do not be surprised to see Roman Reigns and The Rock headline Wrestlemania 35.

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Edited by Rohit Nath

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