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Opinion: Was WarGames II better than last year's edition?

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Modified 19 Nov 2018, 05:17 IST

Pete Dunne wearing down the kendo stick
Pete Dunne wearing down the kendo stick

I do believe that WarGames II was better than WarGames 2017. However, here we're going to focus on the matches themselves and not Takeover as a whole. Bringing this devilish structure back to our TV screens was a major plus last year. This year, War Raiders, Pete Dune, Ricochet and The Undisputed ERA showed us why it was a good idea to do so.

These men tore it up inside the ring and to think that it was all for us. With their passion, blood, sweat, and tears, they showed us that our entertainment is their main priority. Also, they did an amazing job showing everyone that WWE still has some shades of extreme left in the tank.

This match ran for about 45 to 50 minutes and not a second was wasted. The stipulation played a huge role in the excitement, but the competitors completely tore each other apart like none other.

While some might argue that it ran too long, others might counter that by saying it didn't take away from the match at all. If we're being honest, the match was still amazing and did NOT disappoint.

Both teams going to war at WarGames II
Both teams going to war at WarGames II

If the run time took away from the whole show for you, it would be best to enjoy the show for what it was, and not nitpick. What was it, you ask? It was a great show! Period. Something that really got the fans invested was when Bobby Fish took Pete Dunne's cage key and threw it somewhere off camera.

Dunne not being able to immediately get into the match was a something that hurt their team during the match. The highlight of the match however, maybe even the night, was when Ricochet did a double backflip off the top of the cage. Once again, Ricochet showed off his high flying skills and fearless attitude by giving the fans something to remember.

Some fans were under the impression that Undisputed ERA would pick up the win once again at WarGames. But this would not come to pass, as it was Pete Dunne, Ricochet and The War Raiders who secured the victory. The WarGames match was amazing both years, without a doubt.

But this year takes the cake, and hopefully, WarGames III will be better than this one. Which WarGames match do you think is better? What do you think?

Published 19 Nov 2018, 05:17 IST
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