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Opinion: What WWE needs to do with Zack Ryder

David Cullen
2.11K   //    08 Jul 2018, 11:40 IST

What happened, bro?

In 2011, Zack started publishing a YouTube web series called the Z! True Long Island Story where he proclaimed himself to be WWE's "Internet Champion", though this championship was not sanctioned by WWE. This and his use of social networking websites helped him in establishing a fan following and a bigger television role with WWE as a result, however, his push wouldn't last.

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After a short WWE United States Championship reign, Zack was heavily buried on TV while during John Cena's weird and lame feud with Kane. Zack's burial was so blatant that you would have thought it wasn't really a burial and that he would bounce back and gain revenge, but he never did. He hasn't done anything of note in the 6 years since, other than 1-day reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion. As of today, Zack is mostly putting others over on WWE C show, WWE Main Event.

So what should do with Zack Ryder next, and can he still recover?

To be honest, I think he can. Zack's Intercontinental Championship reign may have been just 24 hours, but the response he got to his win was huge and proved that fans still very much care about him. So, what should happen next?

Although it may seem a step backwards, I think WWE should reunite Zack with his former tag team partner, not Mojo Rawley, but Curt Hawkins.

Curt Hawkins has now lost more than 200 consecutive matches in WWE. I have no idea where they are going with this, if anywhere, but it is getting to the point where Curt is the one who may not recover.

Zack and Curt debuted on WWE TV together in 2007 and during their 2 years in teaming together, they held the WWE Tag Team Championships and participated in a memorable faction angle with Edge and Vickie Guerrero, La Familia. He never had the chance to have a truly great tag team match, but still worked very well together as a team.

Reuniting them may not be the best idea in the world to many fans, but let's be honest, it is far better than what WWE is doing with both of them today. Should they be reunited, they would bring some fresh life into the tag team division, have a chance to team together in a strong tag team division (which they didn't previously), and as witnessed during their time with La Familia, they can be dependable in a big angle with big stars.


They won't have thrilling ladder matches with the Hardy Boyz, but they will have a lot more to do than just losing to anyone and everyone on WWE Main Event and in dark matches.

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