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Opinion: What WWE should do with Finn Bálor 

David Cullen
1.43K   //    24 Aug 2018, 22:27 IST

Not doing much on RAW

WWE has underutilised Finn Bálor big time.

Bálor is arguably the best superstar in the history of NXT. Balor is the longest reigning NXT Champion in history and defeated everyone who got in his way. He has all the skill and talent in the world to be a face of a company.

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When Balor was drafted to RAW during the second ever company Brand Extension, he was among the first few draftees' to RAW, and on his first night on the show, pinned Roman Reigns to earn a Universal Championship shot, and became the inaugural Champion at SummerSlam.

His reign lasted just one day due to an injury accidentally caused by Seth Rollins, but plans remained intact for him to reclaim his spot upon his return to action. Then what happened?

Allegedly Vince McMahon felt that Balor was too bland and felt like he wasn't ''over enough'' with the audience, and thus, never regained his top spot.

If 'being over' was at all the problem here, which I do not believe, then it is kind of hard to be that over when you are left off several pay-per-view's, have a go nowhere feud with a recently debuted Elias, an overbooked, far too long and weird feud with Bray Wyatt and lose to a 50-year-old like Kane in order to make him look strong.

And all of this happened when the plan was to have him face Brock Lesnar. Bálor could not have been over here because WWE's booking was not over here. 

The best thing WWE can do with Bálor right now is an immediate move to SmackDown and a heel turn. There, he could possibly form a new alliance with his former Club brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and rule over SmackDown as a heel stable.


Could use h
Could use help from two good brothers

Much like Balor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been incredibly underused for some time now.

They have barely been appearing on Smackdown lately, and when they do appear, it is usually to put another team over or appear in a random comedy skit.

As one of the most talented tandems in the world today, they deserve better and should be pushed as WWE's top heel tag team, and with the recent injury to Erick Rowan of the Bludgeoned Brothers, that spot has just opened up on Smackdown.

A top heel stable is something WWE needs at the moment, and as these three make incredible heels and an incredible heel tandem as witnessed in the past, they could be WWE's next big thing and have tremendous feuds with former Club ally AJ Styles, as well as others such as Jeff Hardy and Daniel Bryan.

Subsequently, Balor could feature prominently in the main event scene, and not just be a contender for the WWE Championship, but to become a WWE Champion.

Do you think Balor has been underutilised by the WWE? Sound off your opinions in the comments section below!

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