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Opinion: What should WWE do with James Ellsworth?

David Cullen
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With a big wink to the Empress of Tomorrow, the Asuka impersonator at Money In The Bank revealed himself to be the returning James Ellsworth.

After being an internet sensation, thanks to his unofficial WWE debut against Braun Strowman, James Ellsworth signed a one year contract with WWE in late 2016.

After some time spent as an interim main event player with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose on SmackDown, James became a sidekick to Carmella, before his contract was allowed to run out.

James then took to the independent scene, where he took some inspiration from the late great former Taxi star and comedic stunt performer, Andy Kaufman, and mostly wrestled women, which included creating his own Inter-Gender Championship belt.

Looking at how he returned, it seems James will be returning to his former role for the foreseeable future. But, could they do anything else with the chinless wonder?

Whenever his reunion with Carmella comes to another end, I think James can become quite valuable for comedic purposes. What I would like to see WWE do with him, is a throwback gimmick, of sorts, part new, and part reviving a former gimmick that never really took off.

Won't last forever

The revival gimmick part that I am referring to is a gimmick that was briefly used by Tyson Kidd before he formed his team with Cesaro.

Back in 2011, Kidd took on an entertaining gimmick that he used on WWE Superstars, but surprisingly not RAW or SmackDown.

The gimmick saw Kidd being accompanied to the ring by a different manager every week, a manager from the past, which included Michael Hayes, Vickie Guerrero, Matt Striker and Even Armando Estrada.

The gimmick was dropped when he returned to SmackDown, (which is a shame). I think WWE fans today would get a major kick out of James Ellsworth using this gimmick for a couple of months.

I would then like to see James transform this gimmick into a WWE Legend and random star tag team combination, where James would pursue the WWE Tag Team Championships, and select a different partner every week until he finds the right fit, which would include WWE legends, former WWE stars, and current WWE stars, with a current one, eventually becoming his permanent tag team partner and have a comedic run as WWE Tag Team Champions.

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