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Opinion: Where WWE could take the Tag Team Division

Ben Curnow
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:46 IST

The Usos
The Usos

Tag Team Wrestling is great when executed well. When two superstars work well together and have move-sets that include both partners it is absolutely beautiful. A good tag team can add a lot of value to the card and WWE has an enormous amount of talented tag teams.

While there are at least two tag matches on RAW or SmackDown each week, it would be great to see Tag Team Wrestling be a significant part of the storytelling of each show.

Now let me define clearly the topic. It may be clear to most that The Undertaker and Roman Reigns teaming up against Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon is a tag team match, but this is not about tag teams in this form. It is about pre-established teams, such as The Usos or The Revival, that are in pursuit of the Tag Team Gold or a personal storyline.

If we think back to days gone by, we had Edge and Christian, The Dudley Boys and The Hardy Boys feuding for the Tag Team Titles. While this was happening, The APA were after Billy Gunn and Road Dogg in a personal battle over another issue. This is just an example of a great Tag Team Era, not a yearning for old teams of the past, great as they were.

At the moment, SmackDown has a good Tag Team Championship focus. Heavy Machinery are great and they are being built correctly. The New Day are great and it's fantastic that there are new challengers for them and Daniel Bryan and Rowan are wonderful as well. Here are 3 teams that are doing a great job at their craft and WWE should be commended for this.

Heavy Machinery
Heavy Machinery

But what is next? Does WWE have a plan? Who is being built up as the next credible threat to the titles on SmackDown? The B Team perhaps? There isn't anyone else really.

AOP were great as a team but needed more promotion. With Drake Maverick doing his own thing they would need a manager. Or perhaps they are good at their own promos. Who knows? WWE could re-introduce Sanity as a team and build them up. Or they could bring Buddy Murphy to SmackDown and give him a partner. Roode and Gable could have been great but they needed more time and exposure. That would be six teams that could be built as genuine threats to the SmackDown Titles. Optimistically there is a plan moving forward.

The Women's Tag Team Titles could be great. The Iconics are a great team, they just need to wrestle more and win against some challengers. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville have proven they are a good team and are probably the next challengers after Asuka and Kairi Sane, who need more time on TV. Natalya and Naomi would be a legitimate threat to the titles given some time to build some momentum. Maybe Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross could do something with their friendship also.

Tag Team Wrestling has always been important in WWE
Tag Team Wrestling has always been important in WWE

On RAW you possibly have the best two tag teams on the planet (one man's opinion) They are in a feud that is both on-TV and off-TV, it's just assumed they will battle for the titles. Is it because they are the only teams there?

Sheamus has been out for a while so The Bar is not a viable option. The Viking Raiders were outstanding in NXT, but since coming to RAW, have been booked inconsistently. They need challengers. The Ascension are around but are not serious contenders and, unfortunately, Lars Sullivan destroyed the Lucha House Party as a credible team. Maybe going all-in on Gallows and Anderson now that they have reformed The Club could be a good choice.

Zac Ryder and Curt Hawkins won the titles in March and are nowhere to be seen and they could be used to rebuild some teams or go on another underdog run.

Also with the brand split being unclear and superstars having the wildcard rule, it would be a possibility to have strong champions in each division and have some crossover.

So there you have it. WWE has some of the world's best talent. If you mixed all of that together and throw in the occasional singles stars as a tag team, you could have some great stories and some entertaining feuds that add value to the Tag Team Titles in all divisions.

Hopefully, we get to see all of this talent and given the way WWE has changed up their booking recently, this might happen sooner than expected.

Published 14 Jul 2019, 03:28 IST
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