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Opinion: Why Braun Strowman must cash-in the MITB Contract at Summerslam

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Braun Strowman is one of the few people who is as protected by the WWE as he is loved by the fans.

In today's era of WWE where there is a huge divide between the top guys of the WWE Management and the favorite superstars of the fans, the one man who comes closest to bridging that gap is The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman.

Being booked as an absolute beast in the ring, Strowman has already given fans a multitude of memorable moments including the most recent one when he threw Kevin Owens off a steel cage at the Extreme Rules PPV.

Strowman currently holds the MITB briefcase giving him the opportunity to cash-in and challenge the Universal Champion at any given moment. Although he will have to put his MITB contract on the line against Kevin Owens at Summerslam, it is rather unlikely that The prizefighter will be able to walk out the new MITB contract holder.

Now, assuming that Braun is able to retain the MITB contract in his match with Owens, the next question will be: is he going to cash in at Summerslam?

In order to answer that, we would first need to assume who would be holding the Red Belt by the end of the evening, Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns.

Both these men have already faced each other twice this year for the Championship and Reigns has been unable to capture the Universal Championship, and with Lesnar's contract in a dicey state, it only makes sense for Roman Reigns to come out victorious.


The problem with that would be that the audience, who even though have grown tired of Lesnar's reign might turn on Roman Reigns as usual.

But the one way for everyone to go home happy would be if Strowman comes out and cashes in his MITB Contract on Reigns. The management would be happy with Reigns finally getting a win over Brock in a passing of the torch sort of manner, and the fans will be happy that their favorite big man leaves Summerslam as the top Champion.

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