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Opinion: Why Braun Strowman will cash in the MITB briefcase at Hell in a Cell

Daniel Wood
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How I feel Braun Strowman should cash in at the MITB
How I feel Braun Strowman should cash in the MITB

One of the biggest moments of intrigue for both SummerSlam and Monday Night Raw were whether or not Braun Strowman would cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase he successfully defended against Kevin Owens--with the WWE pulling a bait and switch both days.

At SummerSlam Strowman was prevented from cashing in by Brock Lesnar who hit the big man with an F-5 before tossing the briefcase away and smashing Braun Strowman down with a steel chair. (This did, of course, lead to Lesnar being distracted, allowing Reigns to pin him to win the title.)

On the post-SummerSlam Monday Night RAW, Strowman once again attempted to cash in his briefcase during the Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor Universal Title match main event but was once again foiled, this time by the reunion of The Shield.

So the question now becomes, when will the 'Monster Among Men' finally be able to cash in his briefcase? Well, let me present my argument for why Braun Strowman should successfully cash in at Hell in a Cell.

First of all this theory requires Braun to not be scheduled for a match at Hell in a Cell, which could be one direction the WWE go, especially with Braun possibly wanting to prevent interference from Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

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Imagine if Roman Reigns is taking on Kevin Owens, Finn Balor or even Brock Lesnar in the 'Satanic Structure' and when he's triumphed Strowman comes down to cash in, literally ripping the cell apart, in order to do so.


Imagine a bloodied Reigns clutching the title after a gruelling match only for Strowman to literally destroy the structure to challenge him for the title. It would be an incredible moment to add to the highlight reel of impressive Strowman feats and it would be a huge way to make the main event exciting and memorable.

Would you guys like to see Strowman break into the Hell in a Cell structure to cash in the MITB briefcase? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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