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Opinion: Why Cesaro should move to NXT

Steven Wilson
14 Oct 2019, 17:00 IST

WWE Superstar Cesaro
WWE Superstar Cesaro

Night one of the 2019 WWE Draft saw 28 men and women assigned to the RAW and SmackDown rosters. While the likes of Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks found new homes, several WWE Superstars were left in limbo, having ended the evening undrafted. The most notable name who went unpicked was 'The Swiss Cyborg' Cesaro.

Given the abundance of talent the former United States Champion possesses, this may come as a massive surprise to many. However, it may be that WWE has other plans for Cesaro, and those plans may relate to the company's Wednesday night expansion.

The WWE Universe recently saw former Universal Champion Finn Balor return to NXT. Given how big a star the leader of The Balor Club has become, the move is a massive sign that the powers that be in WWE no longer consider the Black and Gold Brand as developmental. Instead, the company now sees NXT as a main roster brand on par with SmackDown and RAW.

Balor's move to NXT has also opened the door for more names from RAW and SmackDown to make a similar transition. This would especially apply to those who have lacked opportunities on RAW or SmackDown.

Given NXT's preference for a pure wrestling product, Cesaro is one Superstar who fits the bill perfectly. When given the opportunity, Cesaro has shown what he is capable of inside the squared circle. NXT would be the perfect place for him to display his superb in-ring work.

Who can forget his recent match at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool against Ilja Dragunov? How about Cesaro's epic rivalry with Sami Zayn, which arguably laid the foundations that NXT has built on in the last five or so years?

Cesaro's hard hitting physical style could create a number of exciting possibilities on NXT. This would be a much better use of the supremely talented Superstar than jobbing on RAW or SmackDown. Imagine the exchange of chops and uppercuts we'd see if he went toe-to-toe with the WWE UK Champion WALTER, or the sight of him lifting someone like a Keith Lee high over his head for a delayed suplex.

Cesaro could even be used as a perfect stop-gap opponent for the NXT Champion between Takeover events. While he doesn't need to win the NXT Championship, the potential of a Cesaro-Adam Cole match would do wonders toward building audience numbers for NXT, especially in their early days of the move to USA.

'The King of Swing' could also make more appearances in NXT UK. One man already on the UK Brand is Cesaro's former tag partner, Kassius Ohno. The move would make sense for Cesaro. The NXT UK needs to add strength to the Tag Team Division, which doesn't quite have the depth of its US counterpart. Reuniting The Kings of Wrestling would add some much needed legitimacy to the division, and would present a great opportunity for the UK teams to further establish themselves. A feud with Gallus would present the perfect battle of big men that the UK audience really loves to see.

If there was ever someone tailored made for NXT, Cesaro would be that man. Let's hope WWE sees that and finally gives Cesaro the opportunity he needs to shine.

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