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Opinion: Why Finn Balor in The Shield is not such a great idea

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Finn Balor
Finn Balor

Truth be told, The Shield only looks better with the three original members. Legends such as Triple H and Kurt Angle wearing the armor in the past has done no harm to the stable or their respective wrestling careers but to have someone such as Finn Balor join the group which serves justice sounds like the biggest injustice for the former Universal Champion.

Recently, Finn Balor posted a fan-art on his Instagram handle where he can be seen donning the Shield armor. While the idea is interesting and could do well for Balor's diminishing dominance in the ring, Balor in The Shield will do him more harm than good.

Balor is a top WWE Superstar who doesn't lose much even if he is out of frame for a short time. But as The Shield works out, it's always about putting Roman Reigns on top. Since there doesn't seem to be a breakup soon, Balor in the faction will not do any good to anybody.

Balor shouldn't be joining any other faction except creating his own. There is AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson along with him, who have been previous members of a very successful stable called the Bullet Club. This faction could be the next big thing for WWE and they could rope in other wrestlers to be a part of the faction. A stable which is not limited to one brand alone and isn't focused on any one wrestler alone. This looks like a better option for Finn Balor than joining The Shield.

If Finn Balor joins The Shield, he will be out of the Universal Championship picture, best till WrestleMania and this isn't necessarily nice for the talented wrestler. And since WWE is looking to give Roman a lengthy run, I wouldn't like Balor's whole presence in WWE being about saving Roman Reigns.

But if it does happen, as the post shared by Balor himself suggests, I really hope WWE has better plans for the former Balor Club and Bullet Club leader.

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