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Opinion: Why it would make sense for Big E to turn heel if Kofi wins WWE Championship

Published Mar 05, 2019
Mar 05, 2019 IST

Big E was always known to be the muscle behind stars including Dolph Ziggler and in his group the New Day. The former Intercontinental champion hasn’t had much luck when it comes to becoming a key singles competitor in the WWE losing to the likes of Rusev and star at the time, Wade Barrett. Once the momentum for the group shifted from “New Day Sucks” to “New Day Rocks” It seemed as if the group was sharing equal success.

Fast-forward a couple of years, with Xavier Woods having a successful video game channel with Up Up Down Down and Kofi Kingston receiving a long overdue push, where does that leave Big E?

A heel turn for Big E is logical at this point as he now has reasons behind his potential betrayal of his brothers. His attitude towards Woods can steam from the jealous of his success with the YouTube channel and how he has more fans and followers because of it. And for Kingston, his push to a WWE title is enough to be the last straw as he hasn’t had a title to call his own since 2014. Tag titles don’t count as all three men shared two belts.

With E the only member outside of the group who really isn’t doing anything unlike Woods and Kingston, he can definitely adopt the heel character and set his mark on a singles run to possibly beat Kingston, if he wins against Bryan, for the WWE championship.

How Else His Heel Run Can Start?

Photo Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: USA Network

Another start to Big E’s run can start by him actually costing Kingston the match against Bryan and beating up both Woods and Kingston. He is good on the mic and will be easy for him to explain why he turns his back on the group. No matter which way the writers go, it makes sense to take a dancing 300 plus bodybuilder who wedges pancakes down his trunks and turn him into the monster he’s meant to be.

Big E spoke in a podcast about the entire group turning heel, but if it was just one member of the faction, similar to Seth Rollins and the betrayal of the Shield, who decides they're all about self, it should be him.

Hopefully, they don’t do him like Mark Henry and wait until he’s on the verge of retirement to get him a shot.

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