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Opinion: Why Randy Orton is the greatest Superstar in the WWE today

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The father son duo have created an unbelievable impression in the WWE
Randy Orton has surpassed his previous generations in all forms of accomplishments

Many wrestlers have had their children debuting in the WWE, following the footstep of his or her parent. Some have carried the legacy forward and carved an everlasting impression while others failed to live up to the reputation of their previous generations. One such wrestler who came from a wrestling background and headlined several main-events is Randy Orton.

Orton's father, uncle and grandfather were all former professional wrestlers. But none of them could sustain or build a reputation for themselves like Orton. He joined the Evolution within a short span of joining the main roster in the WWE. Ever since then, there was no looking back.

He performed as a villain and was perhaps WWE's most beloved 'bad guy' of all time. Orton, along with Batista, Triple H and Ric Flair constituted one of the most dominant teams ever in the history of professional pro-wrestling.

Soon, he became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion and this created a rift within Evolution. Evolution turned against Orton and attacked him. But, "The Viper" fought back and retaliated and took out all the members of Evolution.

Orton also destroyed several WWE legends and attacked them mercilessly. This earned him the reputation of a 'legend killer'. He also feuded with the Undertaker and faced him in a losing effort at WrestleMania. Yet, his achievements in WWE are enormous.

"The Viper" won the World Heavyweight Championship four times and was the final champion before the title was deactivated. He also won the WWE Championship for a record number of nine times and is certainly one of the best Champions of all time. Orton also won the World Tag team Championship alongside Edge.

He is also a former Intercontinental Champion and is currently the United States Champion. All these accomplishments made him the Grand Slam Champion. He is one of the only 18 Superstars ever in the history of WWE to achieve this rare feat.

Orton has also won some of the greatest matches in WWE history, including winning the Royal Rumble in 2009 and in 2013. He even won the dangerous Money in the Bank Ladder match in 2015. He headlined several PPV's and has and is the top wrestler of the company for over a decade. His resume is so diverse and versatile that one cannot list all of his accomplishments together.

He is also the 17th Triple Crown Champion and has won several awards and recognized globally for his unbelievable wrestling tactics. The ring DDT, the back-breaker, the scoop slam all combined, makes him a vicious competitor.

However, his RKO and punt kick make him the most talented superstar in professional pro-wrestling today. Orton's greatest accomplishment is perhaps when he was recognized as the number one superstar of the top 500 singles wrestler by PWI in the year 2008.

If we take into consideration the above-mentioned factors, there is not an iota of doubt that his greatness is unparalleled in WWE. The Viper has time and again proved his ability and made it clear that his accomplishments are not bluff but self-made. Many wrestlers had come and will continue to come, but there won't be another living legend like Orton.

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