Opinion: Why Rob Gronkowski becoming a WWE Superstar is the right move

  • An explanation of how Gronk can use his popularity to succeed and help the WWE.
Modified 01 May 2019, 14:05 IST

Rob Gronkowski, has been rumored to be interested in signing with the WWE
Rob Gronkowski, has been rumored to be interested in signing with the WWE

After his recent retirement from the NFL, former New England Patriots All-Pro Tight End, Rob Gronkowski, has been rumored to be interested in signing with the WWE.

Gronkowski, only 29, was a three-time Super Bowl Champion and is widely considered as one of the league’s best tight ends of all time, thus making him a near-guaranteed first ballot Pro Football Hall of Famer. 

The only in-ring experience that Gronkowski has was at Wrestlemania 33 when he interrupted the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Gronkowski emerged from the crowd and delivered a NFL like shoulder tackle to Jinder Mahal, a former WWE Champion.

This allowed his real-life friend, and current WWE Superstar, Mojo Rawley enough momentum to capture the win.

This moment, while very brief, could really be a taste of things to come if Gronk were to actually sign with WWE.

His athletic build fits the mold that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon always seems to be looking for in a Superstar. 

Gronk’s 6 foot 6, 265-pound frame would tower over the likes of the Big Dog, Roman Reigns (6 foot 3), and only fall just two inches shy of the devastating Braun Strowman at 6 foot 8 inches. 


Not only does Gronkowski fit the mold and body type that WWE is looking for, but he could also cut some very solid and entertaining promos. 

His happy-go-lucky nature and “bro-like” attitude is something that everyone can relate to and there are numerous ways that WWE could take this.

Gronks presence in WWE would also attract eyes from other national media outlets as well due to his polarizing personality. That same personality would keep the die-hard, week-to-week wrestling fan entertained as well.

Mr. McMahon also has a knack for signing athletes from other sports to his brand. He has a clear beneficial relationship with UFC with the additions of Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar over recent years. 

By adding Rob Gronkowski to the mix, he could land a new friendship among the likes of the NFL and with his second try at his own venture, the XFL, having positive ties with the most successful professional football league in the world would only strengthen his dominance on the world of professional wrestling.

Mr. McMahon has always known what’s best for business and this just looks to be a win for everyone involved and it only makes sense for it to happen.

Published 01 May 2019, 14:05 IST
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