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Opinion: WWE Does Not Book Babyfaces Well

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Everyone is re
Everyone is ready for Asuka these days...

As of late, it seems as though WWE has been making some rather questionable booking decisions with their top good guys. Take Asuka, for example. Here you have possibly one of the most dominant NXT Women's Champions in the yellow brand's history. She comes up to the main roster, has a match for the Smackdown Women's title and not only loses that match, but also loses her streak to Charlotte. Ever since, she's been on a bit of a skid, not even being featured on the Summerslam card.

Finn Balor is another one who suffers from inconsistent and harmful booking. One week he is picking up key victories against the likes of AJ Styles and Roman Reigns, the next he is squashed by wrestlers seemingly going nowhere. One week he's wrestling for the Universal Title, the next week he is being laid out by the very man he beat in under two weeks at a pay-per-view. This is just one of my instances where WWE does not seem to know what to do with their most popular babyfaces, and it just seems to have gotten worse with Becky Lynch and Braun Strowman.

The Lass Kicker

Despite being somewhat underutilized in recent months, Becky continues to be very popular among both the hardcore fans and casuals, amassing a following the likes of which few female wrestlers nowadays see. Now it seems as though WWE is outright ignoring these reactions by turning Becky heel in her feud against Charlotte. Not only is this unwise in the sense that Becky makes for a better face and Charlotte a better heel, but also in the sense that Charlotte being the bad guy in this scenario makes far more sense. How can the WWE possibly be upset about Becky turning on her friend when she spent months tearing through the roster to earn her opportunity, while Charlotte simply had to win one match? That generates sympathy, not disdain.

BRRAAAAAAAUUN? What are you doing?!

Then there's the Monster Among Men. For months, he has carved out a path of destruction the likes of which the roster has not seen for quite a long time, all with the support of the WWE Universe. He won the Money in the Bank briefcase in June to much fanfare. He could easily be pushed as the company's top face. But Last Monday on Raw, he, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler jumped Roman Reigns and would later lay out the rest of the Shield, seemingly turning him heel. Not to sound like one of many broken records, a heel Roman Reigns would have probably worked far better in his scenario. We already have fans who hate Roman and like Braun, so why not use that? Instead, you'll be getting the same scenario with Becky, where the heels will be overwhelmingly cheered.

I cannot help but feel valuable potential is being wasted by treating their top stars this way. At this rate, I would not blame anyone for losing faith in the product. What do you all think? Am I overreacting a bit or do you feel the same? Sound off in the comments below!

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