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Opinion: WWE'S ratings do not depict a clear image of their performance

Deepak Goyal
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WWE has seen a downfall in ratings
WWE has seen a downfall in ratings

Everyone knows that WWE Raw's TV ratings have been falling a lot over the last few weeks. It showed growth this week, but still it is not satisfactory. Even the return of the likes of The Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Lita, and Trish Stratus has failed to increase its ratings.

Many depict this as a failure on the part of WWE creative team to deliver quality content on a regular basis. They often say that it is also due to constant push that is being given to Roman Reigns and continuously neglecting talents like Finn Balor and Kevin Owens. But I see this differently.

I believe the TV ratings do not really depict a clear image of where Raw's performance stands. As with the advancement of technology there are now multitudes of other sources to catch hold of daily WWE content.

This ranges from likes of the WWE Network to Youtube (where highlights of every episode are easily available). News feed sites such as Sportskeeda are also a an effective source of all WWE action. The WWE's Facebook and Twitter pages post videos and highlights of matches and segments of both Raw and Smackdown Live! on a consistent basis.

TV has now become a thing of past. Most of the people nowadays really do not have the time or attention span to spend three hours sitting on a couch watching a Raw episode. They may just feel it's better to switch over to any other source for knowing what's going around in the business.

This was never a thing in the past, such as in the Attitude Era, where the primary source of content was TV. So the TV Ratings were undoubtedly high during that time.

Therefore TV ratings may be not that good at the moment for WWE, but it is not a sign of their declining performance or their lack of creativeness. There is a strong chance that there are more eyes on today's product than it has ever been before.