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Opinion: WWE taking the right route with Roman Reigns' immediate booking on SmackDown

698   //    24 Apr 2019, 09:30 IST

Roman Reigns first feud as a member of SmackDown will be with the Drifter, Elias.
Roman Reigns first feud as a member of SmackDown will be with the Drifter, Elias.

Once Roman Reigns returned to the WWE after several months of treatment for his Leukemia, it was a heartwarming moment for both Reigns and the WWE Universe.

It allowed 'the Big Dog' to take a step back from his character and recharge his batteries as both Joe Anoa'i and Roman Reigns.

But the cynical fans, including myself, wondered how long it would be until he was knocking on the door of the main-event title picture.

He returned to Raw and had tomes of history with the former Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. And we all remember his history in title matches against his Shield brother and the new Universal Champion, Seth Rollins.

Conventional thinking might have pointed that Mr. McMahon and Creative might have wanted to pick up where they left off with his booking prior to his departure last October. Many of us were thinking it was a matter of if, not when he hoisted a title over his shoulder.

But perhaps the biggest change in the Superstar Shake Up occurred when Reigns joined the blue brand after spending the duration of the brand split as a member of Raw. But once again, the cynics thought the same thing about how long it would be until he was in the hunt for the WWE Championship.

With a face Kofi Kingston as champion, however, it has prevented his eventual move back to the WWE Championship picture. But due to his issues right away with Shane McMahon and Elias on SmackDown, it appears that WWE is at least taking some steps to prolong the inevitable.

Reigns is obviously the biggest name on SmackDown, but they have established Kingston as the sentimental favorite, even finally putting the WWE Championship around his waist after 11 hard-fought years in the WWE.

Putting Reigns and Kingston against each other wouldn't be unprecedented, but it would be an awkward dynamic with two faces fighting each other for the title. John Cena and Daniel Bryan did the same at SummerSlam a few years ago, but it worked because the fans were split.


Reigns will feud with Elias first, allowing both men to get their footing on SmackDown. It also allows Elias a chance to become a big-time heel in WWE. They wouldn't put just anyone with Reigns, and like Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania, it's a sign of faith from Creative in Elias.

By postponing the immediate desire to thrust Reigns back into the title picture, WWE will allow a lot of other performers to both grow in their roles and have a chance to be the face of the show. It'll only help everyone involved and give Reigns a rest from always battling for a major title.

The time will come for Reigns to once again become WWE Champion, but for the time being, it appears other superstars will be given a chance.