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Opinion: What the future should be for WWE

Nathan Artis

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Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of the author and doesn't necessarily represent Sportskeeda's views

If you look at the state of things in WWE at the moment you would notice the sudden drop in television ratings and the rapid decline in audience attention span as well as live attendances in general. This is sort of reminiscent to when WCW in its demise due to their operations and failing to adapt to modern day things that are in right now in wrestling.

If you look at the state of things you will realise that even New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling are probably the two hottest promotions outside of the WWE to go to due to the fact that Vince McMahon will not change his formula and attitude towards what the modern day audience wants. He's seriously using overkill trying to run Monday Night Raw for three hours as it's been said many times that writing a TV show that long is one of the hardest things to do as well as keeping the audience engaged for that period of time.

The WWE has some of the very best talents in the world at the moment and Vince will only give a select few a push because generally they are what he looks for rather than what the audience wants and that's one of the many problems. Superstars like Finn Balor, Elias, Bobby Lashley and many others are being wasted in pointless feuds without any meaningful direction and it's simply for the fact that Vince doesn't believe they can reach his imaginary brass rings.

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A lot of these Superstars were huge in other promotions but Vince and the creative team have literally sucked the life out of them as a talent and don't allow them to reach their full potential and it doesn't help that the roster is currently overflowing.

The WWE relied very heavily on Roman Reigns to carry the weight of the company on his back and now they are in Dire Straits because they did not have any backup plan in case something happened to Roman which is very stupid. Don't get me wrong I like Roman Reigns but he had a lot of opportunities in the main event and was pushed to the absolute moon and shoved down our throats through no fault of his own. You could sort of tell that even Roman was getting over fighting Brock Lesnar as he knew the audience didn't like it and failed to resonate with it.

2019 has to be the year that WWE turns things around and allows new talents to step up to their full potential. They have a gold mine with Becky Lynch at the moment and Ronda Rousey with the women's division never looking any hotter but they need to stop pushing the same talents and allow new ones to break through otherwise they are going to continue to lose ratings and may even lose network deals.

If I was able to suggest anything to the WWE I would say let Becky Lynch be all she can be and let those Superstars shine that should be that fans actually get behind and maybe even let them have some creative freedom with their characters and allow them to show more of themselves rather than reading boring scripted promos that you can tell a written word for word " Roman suffering succotash".


Dean Ambrose's character would be a lot better and would resonate better with the audience if they allowed him to say what he feels rather than act like a germaphobe on television receiving shots in the rear end. I have seen footage of him when he was Jon Moxley and he seemed very authentic in that role with a very big edge to him and that's what he's needed for his character. Even the edge that he had when he was in FCW was very good.

At the end of the day, WWE needs to let Triple H take over the reins of the company as a fresh owner as he seems to have a better understanding of what the audience wants through his masterful work down in NXT where you see real old school stuff as well as cool five-star classic wrestling matches. Not to mention the brilliant storytelling they do. Vince McMahon has had his time running the company for 50 years or more and he should now look towards his future in pursuing the XFL league so that it becomes a success this time and just let Triple H with the help of Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon run the company and watch them make the necessary changes for it to succeed.

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