Otis to be replaced by 35-year-old star in Alpha Academy - 3 directions for Chad Gable after losing at King and Queen of the Ring

Chad Gable lost at WWE King and Queen of the Ring
Chad Gable lost at WWE King and Queen of the Ring

WWE King and Queen of the Ring did not turn out to be eventful for Chad Gable. At the event, Gable faced Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn and Bronson Reed for Zayn's title. For those who have followed Gable's story, they know how much winning the title means to him.

However, at the PLE in Saudi Arabia, Gable was once again unsuccessful in winning the Intercontinental Championship. In this article, we will look at three directions for the Alpha Academy leader after this loss.

#3. Chad Gable could pursue a rivalry with Otis


At WWE King and Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia, it could be argued that Chad Gable lost the match due to Otis. Towards the end of the match, Gable held Sami Zayn and asked Otis to attack the Intercontinental Champion. While Otis hesitated first, he ended up attacking Gable unintentionally.

This led to the Alpha Academy leader lying outside the ring while Sami Zayn went inside and pinned Bronson Reed to win. Due to this mistake made by Otis, there is a huge possibility that Gable could pursue a rivalry with him on RAW.

#2. Disbands The Alpha Academy


Since turning heel, Chad Gable's experienced his fair share of problems with Maxxine Dupri, Akira Tozawa, and Otis. In recent times, Gable has voiced these issues publicly and even went on to slap Otis. However, Otis' mistake at King and Queen of the Ring could be the absolute line in the sand.

Due to this mistake made by the Alpha Academy member, Gable could look to disband the entire faction. Once he does this, the 38-year-old could explore a path in singles competition and potentially win a title. It will be interesting to see if Gable does something along these lines.

#1. Chad Gable replaces Otis with Bronson Reed


Those who know Chad Gable know that he will blame Otis for his loss. However, it's important to note that Gable wasn't the only one who lost at King and Queen of the Ring. Another superstar who suffered the same fate in the same match is Bronson Reed.

Hence, there is a chance that Gable and Reed could come to an understanding, and the former could replace Otis with the Aussie giant. Once this replacement is done, Gable and Reed could go after Sami Zayn together. This potential union between the RAW Superstars could cause major issues for Zayn.

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