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PCO talks about his successful comeback into wrestling, what will happen if he faces Marty Scurll in the ROH No.1 contender tournament finals and more (Exclusive)

  • PCO opens up on his successful comeback into pro wrestling and much more in this exclusive chat with Sportskeeda.
Lee Walker
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:44 IST

PCO the non-human French-Canadian Frankenstein
PCO the non-human French-Canadian Frankenstein

The resurrection of PCO made headlines in 2016 when he returned to professional wrestling after being on a hiatus since 2011.

PCO's YouTube videos went viral with him performing high flying maneuvers such as the Moonsault and Senton Bomb. In addition to this, he fought in a hardcore style never seen from him in previous years.

PCO is signed to Ring of Honor and currently part of The Villian Enterprises stable who currently hold the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship. We recently had an exclusive interview with the non-human, French-Canadian Frankenstein PCO.

SK: What's up Sportskeeda fans it's Lee Walker, and I am here with Ring of Honor's PCO. PCO, how are you doing today?

PCO: I'm doing fantastic.

SK: We saw The Villian Enterprises defeat The Kingdom for the Ring of Honor six-man tag team championship. What was it like to win the tag team championships, but also the six-man titles after that?

PCO: I believe we won the Tag Team Championship first. I don't remember the order, but as soon as I was signed by Ring of Honor, a lot of things were happening quickly. We were in the race for the world tag team championship, the Six-Man Tag Team Championship. I believe they were won back to back. It was truly the greatest day of my life. It meant so much to my partners and me.

We're a different tag team than what I used to do in the past. I'm at an age now where people my age aren't doing intense sports or as an athletic competitor. It was special to me; I surpassed myself these last few years. I've worked so hard on my craft, and update everything. I make sure everything is top-notch for all my matches.

SK: You've been part of Villian Enterprises for about a year now. In that year, you've done so much from winning the ROH tag team titles, won the NWA/ROH Crockett Cup, won the NWA Tag Team Championship, won the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship, and have challenged for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship a few times. What is it like to have a successful comeback after having been out of the ring six-seven years?

PCO: It's a great feeling, but it's rewarding for all the efforts that I've put in. I have a different vision now about how success comes around.

I used to think that if I was tough and good in the ring, success was dumb, but I realized by making it a real piece of my life. Every task or every duty that I go through, whether it's washing my face, brushing my teeth, moving furniture whatever I'm doing, could be the last duty of my life.

That's how I was able to focus on my concentration and take everything so seriously. I make sure everything that I do, I do it the best that I can do it with all my passion, and when I'm in the ring. I do it with that same passion, whether it's at practice or training because, in my past, I looked at success differently.


When you work hard on yourself as a person, to be a better person, or in my case, a better monster that I can be. At 25-26, I had a different idea of what success was compared to what I think success is now for me. I have a different approach now than I did then.

SK: At Death Before Dishonor, you debuted a new theme by legendary composer Jim Johnston. What were your thoughts when the theme hit, and the crowd erupted chanting PCO, PCO?

PCO: I thought my entrance at Madison Square Garden was great, but my last entrance in Vegas for Death Before Dishonor was insane. The crowd was hysterical and into the whole thing. In time, people are going to see the whole perfect creation of the non-human French-Canadian Frankenstein. 

I have a super huge feeling this thing is going to explode all over the place. I have a good feeling and a great vibe. It's a heartfelt feeling I have about it. I cannot pinpoint an exact date or how it's going to happen. I just know it's going to pop up pretty big soon.

SK: Speaking of the debut of your new theme at Ring of Honor's Death Before Dishonor, your match with Kenny King was changed to a no DQ match. I have been tased twice in a police academy, and it dropped me. How did you get tased and be able to chokeslam Kenny King?

PCO: I've been practicing quite a bit with electricity for the last two-three years. I've been pretty good with taking shocks. It was something I'll remember for a long time. By them tasing me, they gave me all my strength. It turned out to work against them, tasing me. The crowd got with it big time. 

My finish should be a shocker. I just need to find a way to get to that because I think it would be insane. There's a lot of things in the mix and on the move with D Destro being on shows with PCO, and being able to give me that extra boost and make me really dangerous with the electricity.

I think there are so many ways and options, and stories that can be surrounded by the fact the immortal PCO having electricity running through him with the bugs and malfunctions. If you go into a wrestling show, I want you in you're seat guessing what's going to happen next. Is PCO working? What's PCO going to do next? 

I want my mind to work and work right. I want my emotions and senses to get involved. In that match with Kenny King, I had an electrical malfunction. I dove to the wrong side of the ring. The last time I dove the wrong way, I ended up getting seventeen stitches over my eye. The crowd was worried if I was injured, and what was going on. I like to play with everyone's emotions. I love when fans get hysterical, worried, edgy, and get a good kick out of things. I think that's what PCO is all about. 

SK: How is your eye from the stitches?

PCO: It's good. Everything is normal. It's more scars, and this scar is enormous. Because of the scar being so huge, I changed how I do my makeup a little bit. I don't put makeup on top of my eye because I want the scars to be seen on camera and television. I want everyone to know, I'm the real Frankenstein, so I show it to everybody.

SK: Do you think your match with Kenny King sent a message to everyone in the ROH locker room?

PCO: That's been the goal since day one since I stepped in Ring of Honor. It's been the goal since I was fourteen years old, and it's still the same goal, and that's to become a world champion. Hopefully, I did send a message.

I'm going to come into the ring with that hunger, hatred and be totally devoted to the wrestling fans, and my career. I'm devoted to what I like to do in life, and that's to wrestle. 

SK: The semi-finals and finals are coming up for the No.1 contender tournament for the heavyweight title. I don't want to overlook the semi-finals, but what will happen if it ends up being PCO vs. Marty Scurll? He is on the other side of the bracket.

PCO: Oh, I know. I've looked at it a few times. I don't know; I really don't know. A lot of things have been said and ideas. Right now, I'm just going to concentrate and do the best that I can do. Somethings I don't have power over, but I can perform to the best that I can. 

SK: You haven't been on PWI's top 500 since 2003. This year you ranked #71 after a sixteen-year absence. What's that like for you?

PCO: It's great to have that pat on the back, but I don't pay much attention to it. 

SK: Where can fans find you on social media?

PCO: The main platform is Twitter @PCOisnothuman. Every Monday night, that's where the PCO and D Destro videos will first show up. It will be on that platform. All my updates are on Twitter first, and fans can find me on Facebook at, and my Instagram PCOisnothuman.

The YouTube channel is, and episode 79 will be this Monday. The YouTube shows could be a television show in itself. That is a project I cherish and honor and would love to see it on television. I think it would be great for myself, D Destro, and Ring of Honor.

You can listen to the interview below. Do you think the Ring of Honor #1 contenders tournament will come down to PCO vs. Marty Scurll? Let us know in the comments below.

Published 13 Oct 2019, 14:39 IST
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