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Predicting Alexa Bliss' next 5 opponents

SmackDown Live may have a new Women's Champion in Alexa Bliss, but with these women on deck, how long can she keep the gold?

Bliss is the new Women’s Champion, but for how long?

Now that Alexa Bliss is the new SmackDown Live Women's Champion, the ladies are going to start lining up to try to knock her down. Bliss will likely hold onto the title in her rematch with Becky Lynch, but after that, the field is wide open.

There are former Divas Champions in the locker room and some young stars just as hungry as she is. They’re all out to get her, and just as Becky Lynch said, it’s harder to stay Champion than it is to become one.

Can Alexa swim in the deep end and take on all challengers? These are 5 women who could soon share a ring with the champ.

#5 Carmella


She may have lost to Nikki Bella but you can’t keep Carmella down for long.

They may be allies and maybe even friends, but Carmella has made it clear that she is interested in one thing above all else: the Women's Championship. Even though both women are on heels, it doesn't stop them from getting into each other's faces if something goes wrong in a tag team match.

Carmella is going to have to work to get herself a shot at the title, but it doesn't mean she can't get a non-title battle in the ring, to prove herself and maybe settle an argument with the champ.

SmackDown Live has put Superstars in multi-woman matches to determine the next challenger before, and maybe a similar match would be exactly what Carmella needs to get herself into the hunt.

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