Predicting the other 6 qualifiers for the women's Money in the Bank Ladder match

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match 2018
The match is looking good so far.
J.M. Carpenter

Thankfully, WWE got right to building Money in the Bank after a dismal Backlash. On the men's side, we already know four of eight competitors. On the women's side, we know two, Ember Moon and Charlotte Flair. Both former NXT Women's Champions are good choices for the match, who could present some high-flying spots.

What of the other six competitors? Who else would be likely to qualify for the match?

#1 Asuka

Asuka Money in the Bank
The Empress of Tomorrow would be a natural fit for this match.

There's already two former NXT Women's Champions in the women's match, so why not a third? Asuka may not have a high-flying arsenal like Charlotte Flair and Ember Moon, but she has a longer list of hardcore credentials than anyone else that could be in this match, going back to her work in Japan. Her excellent Last Woman Standing match last year with Nikki Cross was just a teaser of her abilities in weapons matches, which she hasn't taken part of yet on the main roster.

Asuka going berserk on her competitors in this match should make her inclusion a no-brainer. With Charlotte and Ember both already in the match, magic has an even greater chance of being made with her involvement.

#2 Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss Money in the Bank
Hopefully, this will go better than the last weapons matches she was in.

Surprisingly, Alexa Bliss is out of title contention at the moment following her loss to Nia Jax. She vowed she would enter the Money in the Bank match on Raw this week and there's no reason to expect that she won't be there.

Alexa Bliss' involvement won't add much to the action itself, but it will add some star power, and if the Money in the Bank concept is tailored to anyone, it's Alexa Bliss. Her victory is a very distinct possibility.

Look for her to avoid action as much as possible while she tries to outsmart her competitors.

#3 Naomi

Naomi Money in the Bank
Will Money in the Bank "feel the glow?"

Naomi hasn't been featured in action much lately, as she's found herself embroiled in the Usos/Bludgeon Brothers feud, but that should change soon. Declaring her intentions this week, Naomi will soon find herself in a qualifying match.

Naomi will add an athletic balance to the babyface side of the equation and she might get involved in spots that could surprise us. Her chances of winning are slim to none, but she could use the opportunity anyway.

#4 Natalya

Natalya Money in the Bank
Natalya might wind up surprising everyone.

Natalya is currently involved in a program with Ronda Rousey. Everyone expects these friends to turn into enemies at some point down the line, with Natalya turning back into a heel. This makes Natalya a natural choice to win the Money in the Bank contract.

Whether the turn happens beforehand or via a cash-in against Nia Jax, the briefcase would be an ideal vehicle to advance a feud with Ronda Rousey, ultimately transitioning the Raw Women's Championship on to her (which will likely come before WrestleMania, given that Charlotte is staying on SmackDown).

It might not seem it, but Natalya honestly has the strongest chance.

#5 Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose Money in the Bank
The "Golden Goddess" could get her first big spot.

It's no secret that WWE is high on Mandy Rose and it looks like her push has started with the dissolution of Absolution, her unique entrance, and her victory over Becky Lynch on Tuesday. She took part in the women's Elimination Chamber in February, but was never more than an afterthought. She might wind up getting a much more prominent spot in the ladder match.

Given that she has the look Vince McMahon adores, she's even a dark horse to win, though it would be to SmackDown's detriment just like Carmella's victory last year was, because she's clearly not ready yet.

#6 Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks Money in the Bank
What path will "The Boss" take
Money in the Bank?

Honestly, I'm not even sure what's going on with Sasha Banks at this point. She started the year hot off a 50-minute Royal Rumble performance where she showed heel tendencies. Then she began to spin wheels with Bayley. Will that wheel-spinning continue, with the two women disputing which will qualify for Money in the Bank?

Sure, Sasha lost her qualifier on Monday, but it's likely we'll get some kind of "last chance" match where the two can collide.

Either way, Sasha Banks would be a good all-rounder to add to the match, where she'll be willing to take a memorable bump or two. She can tease renewing her rivalry with Charlotte as well.

Sasha is a utility player for the company, with little chance of being the star again, but reliable in big situations. This would be it.

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