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Pro Wrestling News: Man crosses line at indie show, gets confronted by Chelsea Green, and attempts to punch her

Johny Payne
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Chelsea Green stands up to rude fan
Chelsea Green stands up to rude fan

What’s the story?

A man at an indie wrestling event seemingly crossed the line with Laurel Van Ness aka Chelsea Green.

Apparently, the ‘fan’ shouted chauvinistic phrases at Green, following which the latter confronted him. The situation briefly escalated from there as seen in video footage of the incident (*courtesy—Wade Buswell*).

In case you didn’t know…

Chelsea Green is a Canadian professional wrestler who has performed for several notable promotions such as WWE, World Wonder Ring Stardom and Impact Wrestling.

In a career spanning about 4 years, Green has thus far accomplished several accolades, including the Knockouts Championship during her stint at Impact Wrestling as Laurel Van Ness.

The heart of the matter

Chelsea Green reportedly performed at a PWA indie wrestling event in Canada—a match during which a man began yelling chauvinistic insults at her, insinuating that Green was a stripper, and chanting that she “take it (*her clothes*) off”. Apparently, Green noticed the same, and walked up to the ‘fan’, so as to confront him on his comments.

Per Wade Buswell, the man then threatened to call the Hells Angels—an international biker group that’s regarded by the US Department of Justice as a threat, since the group has proven to be considerably involved in criminal activities—alluding that he’d do so to hurt her.

Regardless, despite the man seemingly getting aggressive and raising his hand as though he were about to punch her, Green called his bluff and stood her ground. Following which, the man tried to play it off as a “Too Sweet” sign.

Green then knocked off his drink and walked away, saying “goodbye”, as the man then proceeded to dole out a rather obscene gesture, as he flipped her the bird. Green weighed in on the incident by way of her official Twitter account--

What’s next?

Chelsea Green presently performs on the independent professional wrestling circuit.

The vast majority of pro-wrestling experts believe that Green is likely to sign with the WWE very soon.

Author’s take

Chelsea Green is one of the top young prospects today and well-known for being brave when it comes to confronting chauvinistic hecklers.

The man in question ought to be brought to justice, as such hecklers and miscreants do not represent the true pro-wrestling fans.

Besides, first heckling a pro-wrestler, and upon being confronted, threatening to call the Hells Angels on her; seems like an excessive move on part of the unidentified man. Here’s hoping justice is served, and the man in question is brought to the forefront and made to apologize to Chelsea Green. 

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