Pro Wrestling Rumors: Why CM Punk interfered in the MKE wrestling event

Punk during his WWE run
Punk during his WWE run

What's the story?

MKE founder Silas Young recently appeared on the Busted Open Radio show, discussing CM Punk's shocking appearance at his event.

Young stated that Punk appeared at the event as he wanted to pay homage to the building the show was emanating from, as he wrestled there during the beginning of his career.

In case you didn't know...

CM Punk has taken the wrestling world by storm after making an appearance during an MKE wrestling event. Punk delivered a GTS to one of the wrestlers and left the spot immediately.


The appearance led to the rumor mill spinning at a rapid rate, with fans speculating on Punk possibly returning to professional wrestling for good. Later, it was reported by multiple sources that Punk has made these kind of secret appearances on multiple occasions in the past.

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The heart of the matter

While talking with Busted Open Radio, Silas Young stated that it made sense for Punk to appear at the event, as the former WWE Champion probably had his very first match in the same building the show was running in.

He added that the building has been hosting wrestling shows for a long while now, with a string of wrestlers having kicked-off their careers in there. The building is about to get demolished next month and Punk possibly wanted to pay some respect to the place where his career kicked off.

It made sense with the match being with Ace Steele and having Dave Prazak involved, those guys are longtime friends and they broke in the business [together]. Punk had maybe his first match in that building. That building has had wrestling for years, a lot of guys got their start there. Unfortunately it's going to be torn down early next month so we were the last event there. I think it's just one of those things where he wanted to pay a little respect or a little homage to it.

What's next?

There hasn't been an update on what all of this means going forward. Hopefully, Punk makes a return to professional wrestling in some capacity. Stay tuned to get the latest updates as this story develops further.

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