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Randy Orton reveals what made Triple H handpick him for Evolution

Randy Orton managed to impress Triple H, and things changed forever
Randy Orton managed to impress Triple H, and things changed forever
Modified 22 Mar 2021

WWE Superstar Randy Orton had an envious start to his career on the main roster. In his early days, the Viper was spotted by Triple H during a match, which led to Hunter and Ric Flair choosing Orton to be a part of Evolution.

Being part of one of the most successful WWE stables in the early 2000s completely changed Orton's path in the company. He was put on the map by two legends of the business, and he eventually pursued an illustrious solo run after Evolution broke up.

Randy Orton recently revealed how Triple H handpicked him to be a part of the Evolution stable. Speaking with Stone Cold Steve Austin on Broken Skull Sessions, Orton recalled how he put in extra effort when he learned that Triple H was scouting him. Here's what he had to say:

"I believe I was coming back from an injury at the time. I was on the floor, working with a guy. He had me locked in a Figure Four, and I was selling. I was working on my selling. I remember Triple H coming over. I knew he was watching, so I started turning it up a little bit. I am doing everything I can to get him to notice."
"Later that day, someone came up to me and said that we are thinking about doing this thing with Triple H and Ric Flair. And later, I come to find out that it Hunter who saw me that day and thought 'the kid's got something.' If the apple didn't fall far from the tree, then maybe we got something here. What a huge thing that was for me."

Randy Orton also admitted that he is very grateful towards Ric Flair and Triple H for guiding him through the early stages of his career. The RAW Superstar acknowledges that he was given a huge opportunity at a very young age.

Randy Orton talks about his relationship with Ric Flair

Randy Orton and Ric Flair
Randy Orton and Ric Flair

Randy Orton has never backed away from giving credit where it's due. He has always acknowledged the opportunities that were handed out to him. However, The Viper believes he has worked hard to prove that he deserves his achievements in WWE.

"I understood how awesome that was for me at that point of my career, but as a child, I had no idea or a real understanding of the scope of what was happening here. Looking back, I am the first one to admit how lucky I am that those two men [Triple H and Ric Flair] took a liking to me and took me under their wing."

Randy Orton also discussed how close he is to Ric Flair in real life. The two share a deep bond that extends beyond the squared circle and they often reach out to each other in troubled times. Orton was quoted saying:

"Ric was like my road-dad. I have broken down before to him. He has talked to me about real-life s***. We are all human beings, and everybody needs a therapy session and a cry away from time to time. We are all the same, but we are performers."

Randy Orton has been a top performer in WWE for decades and wants his longevity to represent his legacy in the business.

Published 22 Mar 2021, 15:35 IST
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