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Randy Orton's Marine Life

Dhaval Chheda
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Randal Keith “Randy” Orton was born on 1 April’80 to Elaine and “Cowboy” Bob Orton. He is their eldest son of all three children. Knowing the hardship of wrestling life, Randy’s father Bob Orton always warned him not to be a professional wrestler. But he always liked wrestling. Many times, he traveled with his Dad around the world for WWF promotions and got to meet legends like the late Andre The Gaint. But his destiny was going to change once he joined Hazel-wood Central High School.

Randy had always liked guns and his recruiting officer at Hazelwood Central High school was himself a marine, so he wanted to be a marine t.

 Randy went from Private to Private first class and graduated meritoriously.

He then joined the Fleet. He thought that Fleet was supposed to be like the “Band Of Brothers” but it turned out to be a blizzard for him. He was in 1st Battalion, 4th Marine when he joined Camp Pendleton,California.

As soon as he joined Fleet, his downfall as a marine started. His life was doomed. He started looking for different ways in which he could get a permanent discharge. He attempted to injure himself on many occasions and even pretended as if he could not walk for more than 3 weeks. But this did not get him anywhere. 

So, he thought of being a deserter as a last resort. On Valentine’s Day in 1999, he got back from San Diego to Green Hahn Ocean Side, California and traveled for 2 days back to his home in St Louis, Missouri. He stayed at his home for almost two months. But to receive AWOL, one needed to be at least 85 days absent on duty. So, he spent 25 more days hoping that someone would come searching for him and would arrest him, to take him back and expel him from being a marine. But it turned out to be delusional for Randy Orton as no one came to even ask for him.


Randy went back to base to turn himself in, as others were astonished to see him back and asked “Where have you been all this time?” He was surprised that the director asked him to work again without any further consultation. So he refused to take orders from the director. As per Military rules, he was punishable for not obeying the director’s order.

Randy Orton was sent to military prison for 115 days but was sent back home after serving 38 days. He received his discharge papers and his sergeant wished him “Best of luck in whatever he ends up doing!”

Recent Events

The Miz replaced Randy Orton in the upcoming WWE Studios production “The Marine: Homefront.”

Orton was originally cast for the film but was removed from main role after outrage due to his dishonorable discharge from the United States Marines Corps.

Orton’s fellow former Marines, Cpl. Mike Vinn, was quoted saying, “I am disgusted that his face and the word Marine are being used next to each other — real or fake — because of the fact that he quit us, the country, and the Marine Corps,” he reportedly told TMZ. “[Orton] in the role of a Marine is a disgrace to those that have worn and are wearing that uniform.”