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Ranking All The Current Champions in The WWE

Palash Sharma
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Which champion is the best at the job?

A championship is an award you receive in the WWE for excellent performance. It can be awarded as the company shows faith in you or it knows that you deserve one. A good champion can boost the merchandise sales and raise the quality of the final product. But, Vince and Co. have more than often been proven wrong in their decisions as they have crowned bad champions with equally inferior title reigns.

2018 has been a mixed year of champions. We have had brilliant champions like Seth Rollins and The Miz and shoddy champions like Brock Lesnar who barely even show up to work. Few of these champions do not even get opportunities as they are given barely enough time to prove themselves. Still, we can rate all these champions.

There are currently 7 championships in the WWE: Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships, WWE Universal Championship and the WWE Championship.

The ranking of the champions is based on the quality of the title reign and the crowd reaction they garner. It goes without saying that a face champion should be welcomed by cheers instead of boos. On the other hand, if a heel champion is receiving cheers they will be promoted to a better spot on the list as it means that they have earned the respect of the fans.

Let's get started.

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