Ranking All WWE First Time Women's Champions

Modified 29 Nov 2018
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6. Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria, WWF Women's Tag Team Champions

Fantasy booking for the future!
Fantasy booking for the future!

WWE might get ready to historically announce its first Women's tag team titles, or so Stephanie McMahon will tell you if ever the rumours come true. Yet WWE had Women's tag championships in the past, around the time they cut away from the NWA.

While Women's wrestling was then seen as a speciality, the championship existed and so with an intriguing bunch of undercard talents. The hilarity of which is that the championship only ever changed hands on House shows with the occasional Royal Rumble shot. The inaugural WWF version of champions being so when they defected from NWA.

Nothing really mattered about the title or their reign, especially the unfortunate loss that saw Princess Victoria injured and retired. Though Velvet found a partner in Desiree Peterson, the championship really didn't get going any which way despite a more than year-long reign for the first go round.

Published 29 Nov 2018
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