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Ranking the 4 likeliest winners of the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match and booking their eventual cash-in

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Lots of potential winners here

The talent who will take to the ring on Sunday for the second (technically, third) ever Women's Money in the Bank ladder match is unbelievable. It shows how far the women of WWE have come over the course of this decade. From the excellent character work of Alexa Bliss and the risk-taking ability of Sasha Banks to the crisp in-ring work of Becky Lynch and the big star feel of Charlotte Flair, there is a host of names and talent in this match.

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However, WWE must choose the right person to hold the briefcase. The Money in the Bank briefcase is a career-changing proposition, but it could all change after a couple of careless booking decisions.

Carmella may be the Smackdown Women's Champion, but it is anyone's guess what her standing will be after she loses the belt. The briefcase should be awarded to someone who is, or is likely to be, ready for the main event run and will be able to maintain their place at the top of the card.

It could be the pathway to greatness for some women and a ticket to redemption for the others. Here are four candidates who are likely to become the second ever Miss Money in the Bank, and an idea of how their cash-in would be like if they do win the ladder match.

#4 Ember Moon

WWE's newest female call-up from NXT could have a quick rise
WWE's newest female call-up from NXT could have a quick rise

Ember Moon may have just debuted on Raw two months ago, but she is ready. Her look gives a unique dimension to both her character and the women's division as a whole. It is not like she needs to cash in the briefcase immediately.

Moon could work on various aspects of her game and improve herself as a WWE performer while being groomed to be a champion. She also has a finisher which is made of gold. The Eclipse might just be the best-looking finishing move in WWE today.

If WWE does decide to put the briefcase on her, it would be a signal of intent. It would show that they are serious in pushing Ember all the way to the Moon.


Okay, I feel bad about that pun, but WWE won't if they book her to win the ladder match on Sunday.

Moon's performance is one of the more exciting prospects of the multi-woman match, as she should be allowed to showcase her excellent skills and be part of some breathtaking high-spots. Hopefully, we see an Eclipse off the ladder or something.

Ember Moon's cash-in: After a few months of being groomed to become an effective champion and a reign of dominance from Nia Jax, Moon decides to put an end to the bullying.

A prior announcement for the cash-in on a future pay-per-view, maybe Hell in a Cell or TLC, would build up anticipation for the match. Moon would win the Raw Women's Championship after an unpredictable match, ending the reign of the bully Jax.

This would set up a great babyface moment, as the fans would be behind her after announcing her MITB cash-in beforehand.

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