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Ranking The Best Bullet Club Betrayals of All Time

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he Bullet Club has definitely made a huge impact in the Pro Wrestling industry
The Bullet Club has definitely made a huge impact in the Pro Wrestling industry

The Bullet Club is arguably the most popular Pro Wrestling faction in the entire world today and their vast fan following certainly makes the group the most recognizable stable in the world.

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Initially formed in 2013 by Prince Devitt (now Finn Balor in WWE), Bad Luck Fale, Karl Anderson, and Tama Tonga, the Bullet Club has definitely made a huge impact in the Pro Wrestling industry within these past five years and the group has certainly changed the entire wrestling scene in a huge way.

Ever since the faction’s inception, the Bullet Club has enjoyed the services of some of the biggest names in the Pro Wrestling industry, with 29 of the very best coming in and leaving since Wrestling Dontaku, 2013.

However, over the course of these past five years, not every single Bullet Club member had the prestige of getting a proper farewell from the group, as some exceptional members, received a sort of “special treatment” before exiting the Biz Cliz.

With that being said, here are some of the best Bullet Club rankings from worst to best:

#4 Prince Devitt departs from The Bullet Club- Invasion Attack, 2014

Prince Devitt’s run with The Bullet Club was truly iconic, after-all the man was the initial founder and the leader of the group and during his tenure with the faction, Devitt gave a new definition to the term ‘Jr. Heavyweight’ in NJPW.

As a matter of fact, not many Junior Heavyweights in today’s modern day era can claim that they have challenged for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and have also competed in the prestigious G1 Climax, but, Devitt, on the other hand, turned all of those possibilities into a reality.

Devitt with the rest of The Bullet Club
Devitt with the rest of The Bullet Club

With the backing of the ever-versatile Bullet Club, Prince Devitt was riding at an all-time high in NJPW during the early stages of his career, however, at Invasion Attack, 2014, Devitt went toe-to-toe in a Loser Leaves Town match against his former Apollo 55 Tag Team Partner Ryusuke Taguchi.

The Bucks following their attack on Devitt
The Bucks following their attack on Devitt

Prior to this massive showdown between the two former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, Devitt asked his fellow Bullet Club stablemates Matt and Nick Jackson—The Young Bucks—to not interfere into this match, because apparently, Devitt wanted to get the job done all by himself.

However, regardless of Devitt’s orders, both Matt and Nick did come out during this contest and looked to provide a helping hand to ‘The Real Rock ‘n’ Rolla’, as he quickly engaged into a heated argument with The Young Bucks for interfering and this eventually prompted The Bucks to attack Devitt instead, as it seemingly marked the ending of his reign in The Bullet Club and as the leader of the group as well.

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