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Ranking the Elimination Chamber entries by most wins

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A new
A new Elimination Chamber design was introduced in 2017

One of the unique structures in all of professional wrestling is the Elimination Chamber. The match itself was created by Triple H and introduced by then Monday Night Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff in 2002.

Since the inception of the Chamber in the WWE, there have been a total of 20 matches inside the structure. Starting in 2010, the specialty match became the namesake of its own Pay Per View annually with the exception of 2016.

For those not familiar with the rules, usually two wrestlers start out the match in the ring; while the other four are locked in Lexan glass pods. Every five minutes after the start of the match, a wrestler in one of the pods is chosen at random to enter the match. Wrestlers are eliminated by pinfall or submission one by one until there is just one wrestler left standing.

Much like the Royal Rumble, there are some numbers involved in the Elimination Chamber match. This article is going to rank each entry for the Chamber by the number of wins. Let's start off with the only entry that doesn't have a win in the 16-year history of the match...

#6 - The second entry (0 wins)

AJ Styles
AJ Styles entered the 2017 Elimination Chamber at #2...the only entry number not to have a win

Two men always start off an Elimination Chamber match (or so we thought as three will start in the men's match for the first time in 2018). So, the first entrant doesn't have an advantage over the second entrant in the match, but clearly, the first entrant has a better shot at winning as in the 20 Elimination Chamber matches in history. NOBODY has won from the second entry.

Just last year AJ Styles came VERY close to being the first as he was the second entrant into the Chamber match, but he eventually walked into a Sister Abigail by Bray Wyatt, to end the match and give Wyatt the first world championship of his career.

I feel sorry for the man and woman who enters the Chamber at number two this year as it appears, it is the kiss of death.

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