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Ranking the 4 options for Triple H's Wrestlemania match

Who will Triple H face at Wrestlemania?

24 Nov 2017, 12:16 IST

Who will face the Game?
Who will face the Game?

Despite Survivor Series 2017 being a mixed bag of confusion and missed opportunities, it did set up multiple options Wrestlemania 34, in particular the match involving Triple H. Yes, the COO did end up leaving his prints all over a match that could have showcased somebody like Nakamura or Bobby Roode instead, but love him or hate him, a match involving the Game at WrestleMania is always a big deal.

There appear to be four options for Triple H, each with their own set of pros and cons. Of these options, the match could either be a way to cement a new star, give a promising rookie the step up he needs, or a way to visit the past with a nostalgia-filled pop fest.

With a few months left to go before the WWE put on their biggest show of the year, here is an analysis of the four men the King of Kings could face at Wrestlemania 34

#1 Shane McMahon

Battle of the brothers?
Battle of the brothers?

One of the many reasons why the finish of Survivor Series 2017 is being so widely criticised by fans is the fact that the show marked yet another main event dominated by the McMahon family. Because Shane and Stephanie are now the two Commissioners of Smackdown and RAW respectively, we were expecting the match to have some repercussions between the two, but it now seems as though Stephanie's husband has gotten himself involved in the sibling rivalry.

After pinning Kurt Angle, The Game turned his attention to Shane, delivering a pedigree in front of a perplexed Braun Strowman. While the incident wasn't directly addressed the next night on RAW, it would come as no surprise if things are revisited later on.

Some might argue that Shane is simply no match for Triple H, making the bout between them too onesided and predictable. That being said, the Smackdown commissioner has faced both AJ Styles and The Undertaker in recent years, so perhaps a pairing with him and the Cerebral Assassin wouldn't feel that far fetched.

While the in-ring action wouldn't be that impressive, there would at least be some drama mixed in, with Shane being the obvious underdog babyface. However, anyone who has had just about enough of the McMahon family drama should pray this isn't the direction the company takes.

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