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Ranking the respective championships in WWE

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The world champions of RAW, SD and NXT respectively.

Just like sports, sports entertainment shows also need a championship. They need a champion to represent their show. The oldest championship in WWE, the WWE championship was created in 1963 as the World Wide Wrestling Federation championship. However, WWE has evolved, and on its way, has introduced various championships for the superstars to hold.

Currently, WWE has three brands - RAW, SmackDown Live and NXT - with each of them having a world championship, a secondary championship, a male tag team championship and a women's championship. In this list, we are ranking the respective championships in WWE. For example, in world championship category, we will be comparing the Universal championship, WWE championship and NXT championship. The factors under consideration will be

  1. The prestige of the championship.
  2. Previous champions and the quality of their reigns.
  3. Other miscellaneous factors

So here we go

Tag team championship

Current tag team champions of each brand

The RAW tag team championship was one of the most forgettable championships in WWE in the recent past. The booking was horrible and the match quality was abysmal. From Wrestlemania to Summerslam, this championship had nothing memorable with it. The recent victory of Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler is expected to elevate the title to another level.

The SD tag team championship has been on fire since it's inception. The New Day vs Usos feud in 2017 was one of the best ever feuds for a tag team title in WWE history. Now the entire division is stacked and the competition is all time high. The New Day is capable of creating absolute barn burners with anyone that comes across its path.

The NXT championship is also having a really good time. The undisputed era is projecting itself as the worthy tag team champion. The matches involving this titles are a special attraction in any takeovers. This championship was so good that it even main evented last year's Chicago Takeover, where DIY infamously split. This gives them the slight advantage over their smackdown counterpart


  1. NXT tag team championship
  2. SD tag team championship
  3. RAW tag team championship
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