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Ranking the Superstars Most Likely to Win the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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One of the most exciting PPVs is just two weeks away and the participants in the ladder match have the potential to make this match one of the best in history. A star-studded match, likely to have a direct influence of WWE booking moving forward, the Money in the Bank ladder match, not only has the potential to shorten careers, it can also make or break a Superstar.

With the exception of perhaps Bobby Roode, each of the other Superstars seems likely to either hold WWE's top prize or has already held it in the past. However, there can only be one winner and for that one person, becoming WWE or Universal Champion will become an eventuality.

Some Superstars are more likely to achieve victory than others. For the seven other men in the match, it's probably not their time yet, or their time has passed. Here is our ranking of each Superstar's likelihood of winning the Men's MITB ladder match, starting with the least likely.

#8 Bobby Roode

Enter c
Not-so-glorious on the main roster

The Glorious One had a great heel-run on NXT, playing a guy you really could not like. However, ever since he debuted on the main roster, he has inexplicably been playing the role of a face. Roode is naturally suited to playing a heel and his discomfort as a face is readily apparent. WWE Creative has not really done him any favors, as they haven't given him a proper character to work with and his entrance theme remains the most memorable thing about him at this point.

He was given a brief run with the United States Championship when he was on Smackdown Live, before losing it to Orton and ending his relatively unmemorable reign at 54 days. He entered a short feud with Elias before qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match by beating No Way Jose and Baron Corbin in a triple-threat match.

Roode has little to no momentum on his side right now and the WWE Creative has not truly understood what made his character so appealing on NXT. Roode is likely to stay in the mid card for the foreseeable future unless there is a character change on the horizon. Till then, he remains the least likely Superstar to win the Money in the Bank briefcase.

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