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RAW Talk Recap (22nd October, 2017)

Riju Dasgupta
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Interesting personalities, interesting viewpoints, in the aftermath of TLC
Interesting personalities, interesting viewpoints, in the aftermath of TLC

We joined Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg for RAW Talk following TLC. Both of the hosts seemed really excited about what just transpired, especially with regard to Kurt Angle.

Peter Rosenberg mentioned that when Angle returned for the second time during the match, it was clear to see that he still had a twinkle in his eye. Renee Young alluded to the fact that Angle was beaming as he made the traditional Shield entrance.

She segued into the fact that as General Manager, Kurt Angle accomplished many things. Among them, he allowed AJ Styles to step into RAW and perform. The first guest had arrived.

AJ Styles

Styles was clearly exhausted as he joined the two hosts for his RAW Talk debut. He mentioned the fact that despite the fact that there was no build up, it was a match the world wanted to see.

He referred to the atmosphere as special and said that this match meant a lot more than the throwaway matches they had, long ago. When asked by Renee Young if Styles would have preferred to have had more time to prepare, he said he would have liked a nap or two.

Styles said that he faced demons every day, and if he let that cripple him, it would spiritually knock him down. He added that while he enjoyed catching up with some of the guys on RAW, his time on RAW was over, for the time being.

When asked how RAW's roster fares against SmackDown Live, Styles said that SmackDown Live had the best roster in the company. He also assured his fans that the outcome would be different when he crossed paths with Finn Balor in the future.

Alexa Bliss

Peter Rosenberg admitted that he was an AJ Styles fanboi. He seemed especially happy with Balor and Styles 'Too Sweet'-ing each other. Alexa Bliss appeared on the show and said that even though Mickie James was an amazing superstar and first-ballot Hall of Famer, Bliss beat her.


When asked what was next, Bliss said she didn't know. After all, she had beaten everyone from RAW and SmackDown Live. We could see where this was headed. Bliss mentioned that she won her first championship at TLC last year and that she beat Mickie James this year.

Rosenberg asked Bliss how she would get along with the other women in the locker room when she was at odds with a majority of them. Bliss said it was just her job to lead them. When asked by Young about possibly confronting Charlotte Flair, Bliss said she was just the next name on Bliss' list.

Bliss then accused the hosts of having run out of things to talk about. She excused herself and gave the floor to Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg. Rosenberg said he could have gone all night long, which made Renee Young break into a song.

Young and Rosenberg alluded to Asuka, and the latter suggested that she could be the biggest thing in WWE. Rosenberg also indicated that Bliss would be looking over her shoulder at Asuka, and the recent threat to her prized Championship.

Kurt Angle

Young and Rosenberg greeted Angle with a round of applause following his big return. Angle seemed genuinely happy about being in the ring and put over everyone in the match, including the heel squad.

He was super excited to have been part of The Shield. Angle indicated that he was feeling healthy and that there would be some future matches down the line. He responded to Young by admitting that he had apprehensions in stepping back into the ring once again.

He was 48 years old now, and he had started questioning himself. His one regret is that he spent a lot of the match, out of action. Angle also said that Shane McMahon can ask him for a favour in return some day. Angle put over the current roster and said that the current roster is better than The Attitude Era.

Angle ended by saying that his future depended on his wife. Young ended the show by saying that we'd get to hear from Brock Lesnar about Jinder Mahal's challenge in a few hours on RAW. Rosenberg ended the show by rubbing his hands in glee, in a rather sinister manner.

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