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From the WWE rumour mill: Reason why Kalisto became Cruiserweight Champion revealed

Riju Dasgupta
19.59K   //    10 Oct 2017, 14:43 IST

It had to do with Kalisto's biggest inspiration, and his birthday
It had to do with Kalisto's biggest inspiration and his birthday

What's the story?

This week's exciting episode of RAW concluded with Enzo Amore losing his WWE Cruiserweight Championship to the man who joined the division last week, Kalisto. Considering that Enzo Amore is the MVP of the division and has made it relevant once again, it was surprising to see this sudden title change.

According to a report on No DQ, this move was made to honour Eddie Guerrero. This rumour is further supported by this Tweet from Kalisto:

In case you didn't know...

Enzo Amore defeated Neville at No Mercy to become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. During his reign, the Cruiserweights were booked in the main event spot of RAW for the very first time, for three weeks in a row.

Enzo Amore had stipulated that no Cruiserweight in the division would be able to touch him, or they would lose a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. To overcome this problem, General Manager Kurt Angle introduced Kalisto as Enzo's opponent.

Enzo Amore faced Kalisto in a lumberjack match for the Cruiserweight Championship this week and lost the contest after a very hard-fought match. Why would WWE take the championship off their cash cow?

The heart of the matter

According to No DQ, Kalisto picked up the title as a way to honour the legacy of Eddie Guerrero, who would have been 50 today, had he not departed the world long before his time, because of acute heart failure.

Kalisto mentioned Eddie Guerrero's name before the match, and his victory was a way to honour the legacy of the legend.

The report also speculates that Neville was supposed to face Kalisto initially, but WWE Creative realized that they had backed themselves into a corner, as Neville could not touch Kalisto owing to the stipulation.

What's next?

The aftermath of this match should play out on 205 Live. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling for all the latest updates.

Author's take

Terrible decision! No disrespect to Kalisto, or the legendary Eddie Guerrero, but Enzo was the man who put 205 Live on the map. He's made the show must watch. The belt should have remained on Enzo Amore.

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