WWE News: Real reason why WWE does not use Jerry Lawler on commentary more often

Do you agree with the king?
Do you agree with the king?
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What's the story?

WWE announcer Jerry 'The King' Lawler has recently offered his opinion as to why he is rarely used on commentary for RAW and Smackdown. The comments, made by the former Tennessee favourite were made during a local radio show in Memphis and have since been reported by

In case you didn't know...

Along with Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler used to be the voice of the WWF for most of its successful years during the Attitude Era. A generation of fans grew up listening to the King, who would play the role of colour commentator, which typically favours heels over babyfaces.

Jerry made a return to RAW this week due to Booker T's absence, resulting from Hurricane Harvey. Lawler was asked the question about his current status with the company on the radio station, specifically why he does not feature as prominently as he once did.

The heart of the matter

According to the King, the WWE does not use his services on commentary as regularly as before because this would show how comparatively weak the current announce team are. Lawler believes that the contrast in styles and approaches would remind modern day fans that the play-by-play announcing isn't what it once was.

It is not clear whether Lawler was referring to anybody, in particular, but in recent years, the King has worked alongside various announcers including Byron Saxton and JBL.

What's next?

Jerry's long-standing position in the company means that the repercussions of the comments are likely to be minimal. However, it does not bode well for the inner harmony of the broadcasting team if anyone feels the comments were directed at them in particular.

At the very least, as more commentators hear about the comments, they may feel under pressure to perform on screen to ensure fans do not have too much reason to agree with King.

Author's take

It is difficult to deny Jerry Lawler's influence on the wrestling business over the years. It is also clear to most fans that himself and JR come from a different era where superstars and announcers were permitted more of a free reign to say things off script.

However, despite their personal opinions, the older generation of WWE employees have a duty to promote the current product to the best of their abilities. All Lawler's comments are likely to result in is unnecessary animosity backstage.

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