From The WWE Rumor Mill: Reason why Sheamus is able to wrestle with spinal stenosis

Sheamus has continued to wrestle despite his condition
Sheamus has continued to wrestle despite his condition

What's the story?

It was revealed a few months ago that current Raw Tag Team Champion Sheamus was struggling with spinal stenosis but he has still been able to continue wrestling.

Many fans have since wondered how he is able to continue to wrestle with the condition which has ended a number of other careers.

In case you didn't know...

Edge was forced to retire from WWE back in 2011 when it was revealed that he was struggling with cervical spinal stenosis.

The former World Champion was told that one wrong bump could leave him paralysed, which meant that he was no longer able to wrestle full-time but he has since stepped into an acting career instead.

Sheamus' condition doesn't seem to be as severe as Edge's but there were rumours when the condition was diagnosed that the former World Champion could have been forced out of the company.

But he has since been able to retain his place and his Tag Team Championship in recent weeks.

The heart of the matter

Sheamus' medical condition has been a topic of conversation for WWE fans and it seems that as part of the most recent episode of The Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer was asked how the Irish star was able to still wrestle with the condition. (Transcript via Ringsidenews)

“He’s got spinal stenosis but a lot of guys have that. It’s not a good thing to have and it will affect him most-likely when he gets older in not so great ways.”

Meltzer went on to talk about how it doesn't seem as though his condition is currently affecting him but it will in the near future and will definitely cut his career short.

“He’s working hard. When you look at him physically, you don’t sense that he’s got weakness, that he can’t lift weights anymore or things like that. It doesn’t look as if it’s affecting him too much right now. It’s looking like he can work pretty well and everything like that. In the long run it’s not a good thing to have. Austin has it and he lives a normal life but he doesn’t wrestle anymore. It probably will shorten his career.”

What's next?

The current Tag Team Champion will defend his Championship alongside Cesaro at WrestleMania but their current opponents are unknown just five weeks shy of the biggest event of the year.

Author's take

WWE doesn't like to take any chances when it comes to medical conditions so Sheamus must be in good enough shape to get cleared otherwise, the company wouldn't have put a Championship on him and allowed him to continue wrestling full time.

The condition will obviously begin to affect him in the coming years but right now Sheamus seems to be doing quite well despite it.

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