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Recap: Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez at UFC 121

Nilanjan Sen
995   //    13 Oct 2019, 06:40 IST

Lesnar vs Velasquez at UFC 121
Lesnar vs Velasquez at UFC 121

When Brock Lesnar saw Cain Velasquez in the inaugural episode of Smackdown on FOX, he looked like he had seen a ghost and there is a good reason behind that reaction. Velasquez may not look physically as intimidating as Lesner but he was the first man to knockout Lesnar in the UFC.

Prior to their heavyweight championship match at UFC 121 on 3rd July 2010, Lesnar had a win-loss record of 5-1 and Velasquez 9-0. So what happened in their match? Let us have a quick recap.

The match had a respectful opening with both the fighters touching gloves. Immediately after the bell, Lesnar went for a takedown and traded punches with Velasquez. But Velasquez got up quickly. Following that, Lesnar attempted two more takedowns but could not keep Velasquez suppressed for long.

The next few moments saw both the fighters trading punches with Lesnar backed against the cage. Soon after that, Velasquez took down Lesnar for the first time in the fight and landed a series of punches on his face, busting open his opponent.

The next moments are widely regarded as the turning point of the match. Lesnar attempted another takedown but slipped which enabled Velasquez to go on top and land a series of elbows and punches while Lesnar struggled to defend himself. At 4:12 into the first round, the referee stopped the fight, declaring Velasquez as the winner by TKO. Also, this win made Velasquez the first-ever Mexican to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Post this match Lesnar was booked in two more fights in the UFC. The results of those encounters include losing to Alistair Overeem in UFC 141 and a No Contest against Mark Hunt in UFC 200.

Velasquez went on to lose the title in his next fight against Junior Dos Santos but he regained his title against the same opponent at UFC 155 in 2013. His title run came to an end in 2015 at UFC 188 following his loss against Fabricio Werdum.

Now, almost after nine years, these two will meet again inside a squared circle at WWE's Crown Jewel on 31st October 2019.

Will Lesnar be successful in redeeming himself or will Velasquez live up to his promise of giving Lesnar a matching scar on the other cheek?

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