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Reliving The Undertaker’s 5 greatest returns in WWE

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The Undertaker enjoys a special place in the hearts of the WWE Universe

The Undertaker has been the flagship name of the WWE for nearly three decades. While many characters have come and gone, The Undertaker still enjoys a special place in the hearts of the WWE Universe.

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Ever since The Deadman made his bow at Survivor Series, his character and aura have known no bounds and have grown from strength to strength. The deafening gong, the lights going out and The Undertaker emerging from the smoke has been a sight to behold for any die-hard WWE fan. The idea of The Deadman rising from the dead and terrifying his rivals has been watched with awe and intrigue in equal measure.

Over the years, The Undertaker has developed a penchant for coming up with heart-stopping returns, when the Universe least expects it.

The Undertaker is entering the twilight of his career and the Universe isn’t going to have the opportunity to savour many more death-defying returns. Hence, as a tribute to one of the greatest sports entertainers, we would go down memory lane and look at some of his greatest returns.

Let the gong ring and the list of his greatest returns emerge.

#5 The Undertaker returns after Kane burns him at Royal Rumble, 1998

The Undertaker has enjoyed many titanic battles with his on-screen brother, Kane. His feud with him in 1998 was no different.

At the Royal Rumble, The Undertaker went toe to toe with the Heart-Break Kid, Shawn Michaels in a casket match. After planting Shawn Michaels in the casket, a number of superstars arrived to save HBK. To save The Undertaker, Kane made his way to the ring and cleared the superstars.

However, he later turned on The Undertaker and delivered a chokeslam into the casket. With the help of Paul Bearer, he set the casket, with The Undertaker inside, on fire. Many felt that they had seen the last of The Phenom. Fortunately for them, they were to be proved wrong two months down the line.


Kane and Paul Bearer were in the ring, calling for challengers when the lights went out and a casket mysteriously appeared near the entrance. Shortly thereafter, the casket was struck by lightning, to the astonishment of the thousands in attendance.

The bolt of lightning had ripped open the casket and The Undertaker had emerged from the very same casket in which he was burnt. Like many a time before, The Undertaker had defied death and walked towards the ring, with the Universe looking on in awe.

Hence, this goes down as The Deadman’s fifth greatest return. 

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