Result Predictions For Greatest Royal Rumble

This one is surely going to be a brutal match.
This one is surely going to be a brutal match.

Greatest Royal Rumble is just a week away and speculations for this event are picking up. A lot has happened this week on WWE thanks to the Superstar Shake-Up, which has made the upcoming PPV far more interesting.

Here are the predictions for the various matches which will happen at this event.

#1 Seth Rollins retains the Intercontinental Championship

He will continue the good run.
He will continue the good run.

The “Kingslayer” in on a roll since he has decided to be “Mr. Monday Night”. He competed for an impressive 65 minutes on the Gauntlet match in February. Not to mention, he defeated the Miz and Finn Balor to become the Intercontinental Champion on the “Grandest Stage of Them All”.

The ladder match will test the mettle of the reigning champion. However, it is very unlikely that the championship will go to a different brand after the Superstar Shake-Up. My money is on the “Architect” to continue his impressive run.

#2 The former enemies win the Championships

A championship will further cement this friendship.
A championship will further cement this friendship.

The Bar lost the championship belts in a rather unorthodox fashion against Braun Strowman and a kid. Although they are getting their re-match next Friday at Saudi Arabia, they are already traded to SmackDown Live.

The Tuesday Nights already have a tag-team championship of their own. It doesn’t make sense that tag-titles from both the brands will be on SmackDown Live. Hence, it is safe to say that we are going to see the “Woken One” and the “Eater of the Worlds” with the gold. It will be a great opportunity for them to strengthen their alliance.

#3 The Maharaja will not get the Gold

This is the only
This is the only "twist of fate" Jinder is going to get.

Jeff Hardy made his much-awaited return to the WWE after the “Show of the Shows”. He defeated Jinder Mahal in a championship match which was made on the fly by the Raw General Manager.

The “Modern Day Maharaja” will be looking to make things the way they were by capturing the United States Championship back at Greatest Royal Rumble. However, it is hard to believe that the “Enigma” will be losing his momentum so early after his return.

This might be the night when both “Hardyz” will have gold wrapped around their waist. However, they won’t be a team this time.

#4 Rusev will be buried (softly)

A casket to rest in peace.
A casket to rest in peace.

A lot of things have happened ahead of this match. Rusev was replaced by Chris Jericho for the match. However, he was put back in the match in a matter of a day. This sudden change of plans indicates that this match is not going to be a long one.

Notably, the “Deadman” crushed John Cena in under three minutes at WrestleMania 34. Hence, the odds are against Rusev to last much longer in their casket match. Not to mention, the “Bulgarian Brute” tweeted earlier this week and asked the “Reaper” to bury him softly.

It will be a surprise if this match crosses five-minute mark.

#5 The Bludgeon Brothers defeats the Usos

The mallets will continue to rule.
The mallets will continue to rule.

The reigning tag-team champions showed a bit of mercy last week on SmackDown Live when they put off their assault when Naomi interfered. However, this is not going to be the case come Friday.

The former members of the Wyatt Family are in full force, and they might thrash the Usos once more to retain their titles. However, this match could turn out to be an intense physical affair as the former champions won’t stop at anything to regain the titles. It will be interesting if WWE decides to add a stipulation to this match (possible a no-DQ match).

#6 The probable challenger for the 205 Live Championship

Ariya Daivari is an Iranian American professional wrestler.
Ariya Daivari is an Iranian American professional wrestler.

Earlier this week, Drake Maverick mentioned that he was willing to give a championship opportunity to Buddy Murphy due to the attack he executed on Cedric Alexandar. However, the challenger failed his latest weigh-in and has been disqualified.

Notably, the event will be hosted in Saudi Arabia. Iran and Saudi Arabia don’t have any diplomatic relations since the attack on Saudi Embassy in 2016.

It is probable that WWE will have Ariya Daivari, the Persian Lion, win the next week’s Gauntlet match to become the number one contender. It’s a long shot, but this will make sure that the match draws a lot of attention. Not to mention, the current champion will gain the support from the local crowd ahead of this match.

#7 Triple H defeats John Cena

These two have collectively won thirty world championships.
These two have collectively won thirty world championships.

Both the competitors in this match are part-timers and have lost at WrestleMania 34. Hence, the winner should be the one who can be instrumental in the storylines over the next couple of months.

Triple H might feature in the upcoming PPVs as he can be a part of Stephanie McMahon - Ronda Rousey angle. John Cena might continue his string of losses and build up his character as a frustrated former-champion who gets desperate for a win.

Given that they are two of the biggest Superstars in WWE, there are a lot of interesting possibilities to finish this match.

#8 WWE Championship match ends with a Disqualification

Will this happen again?
Will this happen again?

Shinsuke Nakamura has become a perfect Heel by using the low-blows for three straight weeks. It suggests that he will stop at nothing to hurt AJ Styles.

Although this will be a rematch of their championship clash at WrestleMania, the mindset of both these men is totally different now. The earlier match featured two competitors who had nothing but respect for each other. The upcoming match will feature two rivals who want to tear each other apart.

There are good chances that Shinsuke Nakamura would use the low-blow to avoid a defeat, so he can keep his championship hopes alive.

#9 The comeback Hero or the Monster Among Men?

Who is favorite to win?
Who is favourite to win?

Greatest Royal Rumble match will have fifty men competing for the glory in the biggest match of its kind. Less than half of the participants are revealed so far, which means there is still a lot of room for speculations.

However, the two men who stand out in the current scenario are Daniel Bryan and Braun Strowman. The wrestling fans around the planet would love to see the leader of the “YES” movement to get the glory. Not to mention, the “Monster Among Men” is a powerhouse who won the tag titles on his own at WrestleMania. Who do you think has better chances to win?

#10 Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar

The challenger will be looking to spear his way to the championship.
The challenger will be looking to spear his way to the championship.

These two men took each other to the limits at WrestleMania. It took five F-5s from the “Beast Incarnate” to be able to count the shoulders of his adversary to the mat.

The Samoan wrestler was expected to dethrone the Champion at that night. However, it came as a surprise when the former-UFC champion walked out as the winner.

The news related to Lesnar’s latest contract suggests that he might be competing in the UFC and will continue to get paid as per his appearances in WWE. Hence, it seems like the apt time (and a possibly less hostile environment) for Roman Reigns to capture the Universal Championship inside a steel cage.

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