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WWE News: Rey Mysterio's son Dominic is preparing to learn how to wrestle

Vidisha Joshi
7.74K   //    12 Nov 2016, 10:07 IST
Rey Mysterio with his son Dominic and wife Angie at a high school football event

The newest thing to look forward to from Lucha Underground star Rey Mysterio is his son Dominic, who will soon begin to start training for wrestling soon, as confirmed by Rey himself. 

Mysterio made an appearance at Keepin’ it with Konnan earlier this week with his son in tow, where he revealed about his son joining his father’s league. The father-son duo talked about how Mysterio would primarily like his son to get a college degree first but that he was going to start teaching Dominic January onwards, once the college student got his body in the right shape. He said that Dominic is already on a diet plan including protein shakes, important vitamins and other nutrients. He’s also taking supplements to get prepared for the role.


On the show, Mysterio tells the host as well as the audience, “Come January, I’m gonna get him in the ring and see how his reflexes are as soon as he steps into the ring”. He further explains, “See what he can do, what he cannot do... And then go from there. And Konnan, I think he’s gonna be a part of this once I get him in there.”

When asked Dominic if wrestling was something that he really wants to do, the college freshman answered that as of now, after college, wrestling is definitely in the works.

For all those WWE fans who do not remember this, Mysterio’s son Dominic had earlier appeared on WWE TV in the year 2005 during a highly memorable angle featuring Eddie Guerrero, who claimed to be the child’s actual father on the show. The show saw both Mysterio and Guerrero fighting for the custody of an 8-year-old Dominic. Now a freshman in college, Dominic is currently preparing to follow his father's footsteps and venture into the world of pro-wrestling.

Rey Mysterio with son Dominic

For now, here’s the video where the duo spell out their future plans on pro wrestling.

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