Rhea Ripley needs to send blunt one-word message to Dominik Mysterio ASAP after Liv Morgan kissed him on WWE RAW

Rhea, Dom Dom, and Liv (via WWE
Rhea, Dom Dom, and Liv Morgan (Image via WWE's YouTube and Instagram)

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley should make a quick call to Dominik Mysterio and send him a one-word message after the events of RAW. On this week's edition of the red brand, Rhea's arch-rival Liv Morgan kissed Dominik as the show came to a close.

Liv Morgan was quite happy over Dominik accidentally helping her defeat Becky Lynch for the second time in a row. Thanks to Dominik's accidental interference, Liv managed to defeat The Man in a Steel Cage match and retain the Women's World Championship. Morgan then planted a kiss on Dirty Dom's lips, and the clip immediately went viral on social media.

Rhea Ripley is currently enjoying her WWE hiatus with Buddy Matthews and a bunch of friends. She was recently spotted at an escape game room, having a good time with Matthews. But deep down inside, Ripley must be seething over what happened on RAW. The Nightmare needs to make a call to Dominik and utter the following word: 'EXPLAIN'.

Rhea Ripley must be seething with anger deep down inside


Judging by Ripley's Instagram posts, she doesn't seem to care about what happened on RAW. She hasn't made even a single comment yet on Morgan and Dom Dom's kiss.

Deep down inside, though, Rhea must be seething and must be looking for answers. She would love nothing but for Dominik to explain what exactly happened that led to Liv kissing him on national television.

Liv Morgan is close to completing her revenge tour


The Liv Morgan Revenge Tour kicked off a few weeks ago. Morgan made it clear that she would take away everything from Mami.

Morgan put Ripley on the shelf, won the Women's World title in Saudi Arabia, and is now trying to steal Dominik from her. The last thing Morgan would want is to take Dirty Dom away from Ripley.

Is Dominik Mysterio secretly working with Liv Morgan?

A major reason why Ripley needs an immediate explanation from Dom Dom is his latest social media activity. For a while now, Dominik has been liking Liv Morgan's Instagram posts.

For someone who hates a woman for putting his love interest on the shelf, Dominik is certainly acting weird by liking Liv's posts. Rhea Ripley would love to know if Dominik and Liv are secretly working together in her absence.

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