Rhea Ripley to return with new love interest, new look & more - 4 ways Mami could resume her WWE role

Will Rhea Ripley return with a former WWE star?
Will Rhea Ripley return with a former WWE star? [image 1:https://www.instagram.com/p/C5L690kuFQe/?hl=en image 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/C3pCESKrIdQ/?hl=en]

Rhea Ripley has been away from WWE for two months and it appears that in that time The Judgment Day has already begun to struggle.

It seems that Liv Morgan is trying her best to get between Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and Dominik Mysterio. Depending on how long it takes for her to return, it's unclear if there will be a Judgment Day for her to come back to, which leaves several interesting options.

#4. Rhea Ripley to take out Liv Morgan and start her own "Revenge Tour"

Rhea Ripley was the subject of Liv Morgan's Revenge Tour when she made her return earlier this year because it was Mami who sidelined her for eight months. Ripley could return with the same mindset since it was Morgan who not only sidelined her following a backstage attack but then took the Women's World Championship and is now focused on destroying The Judgment Day.

Morgan and Ripley were once close friends, which could give them an interesting dynamic when they are able to have a lengthy feud.

#3. Rhea Ripley to return and target the Women's Championship

Despite how long Rhea Ripley is absent, she will surely target the Women's World Championship upon her return.

Liv Morgan may not be the champion at the time, but she could decide that since she never lost the title she has a right to a re-match without having to jump through hoops to warrant it. Once Ripley has her title back then she can focus on revenge for The Judgment Day.

#2. Mami to return in an unrecognizable manner

Rhea Ripley has changed her look several times throughout her career and it seems that she could decide to mark this moment in her life as another image change.

Ripley was once blonde like Liv Morgan and decided to change up her look so that she would stand out. That look allowed her to be pushed to the top of the company.

Now that she is at the mountain top she could decide to change back so that Liv Morgan doesn't see her attack coming and her new look catches her off guard.

#1. Mami to return with Buddy Murphy

If Rhea Ripley doesn't return for a few more months, then Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio may already be a couple since it appears that Ripley and Mysterio are giving each other space.

This means that Ripley will need her own equalizer when she makes her return and it could be in the form of her fiance and former WWE star Buddy Murphy. WWE has been interested in bringing back the former champion and if he can negotiate a way out of his AEW contract then he could return with Rhea.