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WWE Rumours: Ricochet's future revealed

Will Ricochet finally come to WWE or will he be establishing his name out for longer?

When will Ricochet come to WWE?

Ricochet is one of the hottest pro wrestlers in the world today. His immense talent that was showcased in Lucha Underground as Prince Puma and his work in New Japan Pro Wrestling has really put him in the eyes of many. The question of the last couple of years has constantly been: When is he coming to WWE?

Ricochet is very young, being just 27 years old. Naturally, he has a huge future ahead of him. Ricochet has reportedly not signed beyond Lucha Underground season 3, which means that he would technically be allowed to go to WWE after Lucha Underground season 3 is over. However, Ricochet has been establishing himself more and more in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and according to a report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that is where Ricochet will be staying for the foreseeable future.

Similar to Zack Sabre Jr., it appears that Ricochet wants to achieve certain things outside the WWE before finally coming in. There is no doubt that the more he establishes his brand outside the WWE, the more open WWE will leave their door to sign him one day down the line. 

Ricochet told Stone Cold when he appeared on his podcast The Steve Austin Show a few months ago that while he would like to sign with WWE one day, his immediate goal is to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.

"I really want to be IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. I've challenged for it twice and I've yet to win, but I want to do that. There [are] a couple of things I want to do. Now my goal, I would like to be in the WWE one day. NXT, wherever, but there [are] still a couple of things I want to do."

Ricochet added that as of this moment he doesn’t have a main goal. His aim as of now is to have fun and save as much money as he can, thinking about his seven-year-old son and his future. Ricochet is a former two-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion with Matt Sydal(Evan Bourne), and he is currently one-third of the NEVER openweight 6-man tag team champions with Matt Sydal and Satoshi Kojima

He recently tweeted out the following:

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