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Ring of Honor Report: 11/05/2017

Missed ROH this week? Here are the highlights from the show

12 May 2017, 16:31 IST
This week’s episode featured an ROH Tag title defence

This week’s edition of Ring of Honor kicked off from Baltimore with the commentators, Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni, welcoming the fans to the show. The in-ring action started with the ROH Tag team Championship match.

#1 The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)(c) vs Kenny Doane and Mike Mondo [ROH Tag team Championship match]

The contenders made their way through the crowd and attacked The Young Bucks, who were posing in the ring. The match started but Kenny and Mike were unable to take the advantage. An early celebration cost them badly and they were at the receiving end of two devastating superkicks. Matt and Nick put Doane on the turnbuckles and then targeted Mondo. They delivered the reverse DDT-double stomp combo to Mike and turned their attention to Kenny.

Nick went out of the ring and hit a lungblower on Doane and The Bucks then successfully delivered the Terminator suicide drive. Nick went back to the ring and attempted another superkick, but this time, Kenny and Mike blocked it with a clothesline. Matt tried to fight back but Doane put him on his shoulders which allowed Mike to hit the gutbuster. Kenny got a near fall and tagged in Mondo, who then flipped Mike onto Matt for a moonsault. Matt kicked out at two before it went to the commercial break.

Back from the commercial, Mondo had Matt locked in a reversed chin lock. He tagged in Kenny, who began to hit Matt with elbows. A boot to the chest by Kenny, was followed by another near fall. Doane hit a delayed vertical suplex but Matt again kicked out.

Kenny then set up Matt for a piledriver but Jackson blocked it with a back body drop, which was again countered with a sunset flip by Doane. Matt rolled through but Kenny stopped him from making the tag and he tagged in Mike. Mondo hit a leg drop and got a near fall on Matt. Kenny and Mike continued the assault by tagging each other simultaneously.

Matt avoided the gutbuster and hit a superkick on Kenny to gain some momentum. Nick Jackson made the tag and laid out the contenders with kicks, who went to the apron and connected a running kick to Kenny. That was followed by a Slingshot X Factor to Mike, leading to a moonsault off the apron to Kenny.

Jackson then went to the top rope, missed the swanton, but rolled through. Back-and-forth, the match continued, but a missed leg drop from the turnbuckles by Doane shifted the match in favour of the Bucks. Matt and Nick superkicked Mike and it was followed by a plancha onto Kenny. The Young Bucks then hit the Meltzer Driver to Kenny for the three count. 

Result: The Young Bucks retained the ROH Tag team Championship over Kenny Doane and Mike Mondo

In the next segment prior to the commercial, Matt Taven discussed his title match against Christopher Daniels at the War of the Worlds event in Dearborn, Michigan.

Back from the commercial, The Briscoes were talking about their ROH Six men Tag team Championship match with The Rebellion. 

#2 Beer City Bruiser (with Silas Young) vs Punishment Martinez

Martinez violated the Code of Honor by kicking Bruiser, followed by Stinger splashes and punches on the corner. Bruiser countered with a side Falcon Arrow and continued the attack with an Irish whip and series of punches but Martinez hit a crossbody and got a near fall. As Bruiser got up, he also delivered a crossbody on Martinez for a near fall.

A springboard superman punch from Martinez momentarily stunned Bruiser but he hit a clothesline and drop kicked Martinez to the floor. Bruiser then hit a cannonball onto Martinez and it was time for a commercial.

Back on the show, Martinez hit a jumping spin kick on Bruiser, sending him to the floor. Martinez attempted for a powerbomb but it was blocked by Bruiser who then sent him into the ring post. Bruiser delivered the backdrop driver onto the apron. He missed a back senton which allowed Martinez to hit a springboard senton for a near fall.

Martinez went for a chokeslam but Bruiser blocked it with an elbow, again driving Martinez into the turnbuckles. A running hip strike and two consecutive cannonballs helped Bruiser get another near fall. Martinez got up and the two started to brawl yet again. Bruiser hit him with a knee but Martinez hit him with a heel kick for a two count.

Bruiser took advantage of a missed clothesline by Martinez and delivered a dropkick and cannonball for a near fall. He went for another cannonball but missed as Martinez rolled out. Martinez got the pinfall following a superkick and the Chokeslam.

Result: Punishment Martinez defeated Beer City Bruiser

Back from another commercial and it was time for the main event of the night. 

#3 Bullet Club (Adam Cole and Cody) vs Christopher Daniels and Dalton Castle (with the Boys)

Prior to the match, Cody asked the Boys to be sent off as it was not an ‘eight-man tag’. Cody and Castle started things off and Castle got him in a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Cody pushed Castle off but got clotheslined instead. Castle attempted for a dive to the floor but tagged in Daniels; Cody shoulder tackled Daniels, however, the ROH Champion fought back with a slam followed by an Arabian press for a near fall.

Daniels then hit Cody with forearm smashes but the American Nightmare counters with a kick and drop kick. He then tagged in Cole, who attacked Daniels with kicks and punches.

Back-and-forth the fight continued until Daniels tagged in Castle. A swinging neck breaker by Daniels helped Castle to get a near fall on Cole; Castle tried to outwrestle Cole, who spat at Daniels to distract the referee. Cody and Cole double teamed Castle but he countered with a double clothesline; Castle attempted a double german suplex but Cole grabbed the referee to distract him and Cody hit Castle with a back heel kick. 

Cody and Cole hugged each other in the ring and drove Castle into the turnbuckles. Cody tagged himself in and did a cartwheel after kicking Castle. Cody and Cole continued the assault on Castle and tagged each other frequently. At one point, Cole held up Castle and Cody went for the Beautiful Disaster but Castle moved which resulted in Cody hitting Cole.

Cody sent Castle to the corner and wanted to tag in Cole but the former ROH Champion refused and decided to walk away; Cody kicked and punched Castle before we went in for a commercial. 

Back from the commercial, Castle blocked a punch and started to hit Cody with punches instead. He hit Cody with a Saito Suplex and tagged in Daniels. The ROH Champion decimates Cody with forearm strikes, clothesline, dropkick, palm strike and ultimately a Fall from Grace for a near fall. He set Cody up for the ura nage, but it was blocked. Cody got the upper hand by avoiding a kick and hitting Daniels with a flatline, and then dropkicked Castle off the apron and into the Boys.

Daniels countered the Angel’s Wings and hit the ura nage on Cody. He missed the BME as Cody had moved. Daniels went for the blue thunder bomb, followed by the Angel’s Wings, but Cole came back and hit the Champion with a superkick and Last Shot. Cody took the advantage and delivered the Cross Rhodes to get the win for his team. 

Result: Bullet Club defeated Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels

The Young Bucks came down to celebrate with the Bullet Club.

Jay Lethal, who was watching the match from the announcer’s table, went to the ring to help Daniels get up. He then asked the reason behind the addition of Cody into their scheduled title match, to which Daniels replied that it won’t matter if Lethal are good.

Cody came back and attacked Lethal from behind, and Daniels went down as well. Lethal fought back and hit the Lethal Injection on both Cody and Daniels. ROH went off the air with Jay Lethal standing tall. 

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