Rising star, well-known family member - 4 WWE Superstars who could join Roman Reigns and The Bloodline following WrestleMania

Will The Bloodline add to their ranks following WrestleMania?
Will The Bloodline add to their ranks following WrestleMania?

The Bloodline has appeared as though it was going to crumble around Roman Reigns several times over the past year and since Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have attempted to take them down.

Family ties have kept the group strong and it appears that there could be room for expansion if Reigns is able to leave WrestleMania with the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The following list looks at just four WWE Superstars who could join Roman Reigns and The Bloodline following WrestleMania.

#4. Former WWE Superstar Manu is part of Roman Reigns' family

L'ancienne Superstar de la WWE Afa Anoa'i, appelรฉ "Manu" lorsqu'il รฉtait du cรดtรฉ de la Legacy, qui est liรฉ ร  Roman Reigns, The Rock, The Usos, Yokozuna, Umaga, Rikishi et bien d'autres, sera t-il lui aussi prรฉsent ร  #WWERaw pour l'Acknowledgement Ceremony ? ๐Ÿ‘€

WWE fans will remember Manu as one of the original members of Legacy alongside Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, and Randy Orton. He was released from WWE more than a decade ago but has remained active on the Independent Circuit and recently teased returning to WWE to be part of The Bloodline.

โ€œI like to say Iโ€™m in the prime of my career. So anything is possible and you know what they say โ€“ anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation [Entertainment].โ€ via WrestleBinge

Being a blood relative of Roman Reigns would allow him to step into the family business and help push The Bloodline forward into SummerSlam.

#3. Naomi is married to Roman Reigns' cousin Jimmy Uso

It's been almost a year since Naomi was last seen on WWE TV and the most recent update was that the former Women's Champion was recovering from shoulder surgery. It's unclear if this is what has kept Naomi sidelined, but she is still a member of the Anoa'i family following her marriage to Jimmy Uso and could be added to the group upon return.

Given that many of WWE's current stables have a female member, it would be wise for The Bloodline to add a female to their ranks and they have several current WWE Superstars to choose from.

#2. Tamina Snuka

Tamina is a veteran who has been a part of WWE for more than a decade and has been helping backstage with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline's stories for several months. Following her father's marriage to Sharon Georgi, Tamina is a member of the Anoa'i family and would be the perfect female to add experience to the group.

Snuka hasn't done much on WWE TV since The Royal Rumble and this storyline would allow her to return to screens and unite with her family for the first time.

#1. Ava Raine

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Ava Raine is the eldest daughter of WWE legend The Rock and has recently been showing off her promo abilities on NXT. Raine is part of The Schism, but stables split all the time on WWE TV and the company could decide to call her up to the main roster to unite with her family following WrestleMania.

The Bloodline need a story to move themselves forward following WrestleMania and the addition of a female to the group would add a new dynamic to the group and open them up to bigger and much more personal storylines.

Do you think The Bloodline will add to their ranks following WrestleMania? Share your thoughts in the comments section below...

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