Rival wrestling promoter believes wantaway star is trying to "get out early" to sign for Triple H-led WWE 

Triple H has made many changes as head of WWE creative.
Triple H has made many changes as head of WWE creative.

With rumors circulating that wantaway NWA star Nick Aldis is keen to sign with Triple H and WWE, his current boss Billy Corgan has had his say on the matter.

Earlier this week, Aldis emailed the NWA saying that he would like to be released from his contract, which is set to expire early next year. As a multi-time champion in the promotion, the British star is one of the biggest performers in the company's modern history.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, NWA owner and rock and roll legend Billy Corgan gave his side of the story, stating that Aldis is technically still under contract whether he likes it or not.

"Why is he using the NWA’s good name or my good name, to get himself over in a way that is not necessary? If he’s everything he thinks he is, go into the free market like any free agent and test your mettle. He’s working something. I don’t know what he’s working, but he’s willing to sacrifice me and the NWA to prove something or get something going or get out early to go do something because someone has given him an iggy of ‘hey, if you can get out early.’ This is not cool. He’s a paid talent and under contract." (H/T - Fightful)
Wait til he goes on @BustedOpenRadio later this morning. I gave 5 years to the brand. I hope the other talent are paying attention because if he will do this to me he'll do it to anyone. ...all because I'm leaving & didn't like "gags the gimp" & "social distancing matches".…

Many fans will know Aldis' work from his legendary showdown with WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes at All In 2018 which saw him lose the NWA title to The American Nightmare.

WWE Hall of Famer wants Triple H to sign Nick Aldis

As one of the most sought-after talents today, many are hoping that The Game is able to bring the 36-year-old to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Speaking on his podcast, DDP's Snake Pit, Diamond Dallas Page said that Nick Aldis is one of wrestling's hidden diamonds, believing that there is no way Triple H would not love to have him in the company.

"I never asked him, but I don’t know how [Triple H] couldn’t love him. You know? The match for the title for him and Cody at All Out, I got to know Nick a little bit. And again, guys want to have a beer with him and chicks want to s***w him, you know? He’s got the friggin’ look, he’s got the work, he’s got the promo. I mean, all this time, he is a hidden, he is a hidden diamond... Like, he’s ready to go," said DDP. (H/T -

As WWE's Chief Content Officer, Triple H is one of the key figureheads in choosing which stars are signed to the company, and this has seen the returns of many top stars lately such as Bray Wyatt, Johnny Gargano, and Dakota Kai.

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