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ROH/Indie News: CM Punk has a standing offer to join the Bullet Club

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Would he eve

Would Punk ever join the Bullet Club?

What's the story?

CM Punk took off after the 2014 Royal Rumble and he hasn't looked back at pro wrestling since. But it turns out Punk has an offer on the table that's pretty sweet. It's not too sweet because apparently, only WWE can say that anymore.

But The Young Bucks recently said during an AMA on Reddit that they've been bugging CM Punk to join The Bullet Club for a couple of years now.

In case you didn't know....

The Young Bucks have used their popularity in pro wrestling wisely. They've been able to turn their notoriety into an incredibly profitable merchandising arrangement which in turn only goes to make them even more popular. They have quite a good thing going for themselves.

As members of The Bullet Club, Nick and Matt Jackson represent the stable proudly. They're always looking to expand their ranks and gather up as many cool people as possible.

Meanwhile, CM Punk has been loving life while he trains for his next MMA fight, whenever and wherever that might take place.

The heart of the matter

When The Young Bucks took to Reddit and participated in an AMA (ask me anything) there was no shortage of fans with questions for Nick and Matt Jackson.

They were asked about plenty of subjects about their life and career. But one very interesting question was posed concerning CM Punk joining The Bullet Club.

While it might sound far-fetched you can never say never in pro wrestling. The Young Bucks are apparently holding out hope CM Punk will someday join their ranks as well because Matt Jackson replied:

"Haha. I've been bugging him for over 2 years about that."

What's next?

If CM Punk ever did decide on returning to pro wrestling he might as well join The Bullet Club. Not only would it be an amazing get for the world-famous stable of indie wrestlers, but he would sell a ton of t-shirts in the process.

Author's take

CM Punk was the Best In The World and the Voice Of The Voiceless during his time in the pro wrestling ring.

At 38 years old, his body has been through a lot of damage but he has to have more fuel left in the tank. Whether or not he wants to spend it on pro wrestling is another story.

Personally, I'm holding out hope CM Punk will return to the ring in time for Daniel Bryan to do the same. It might not have the same presentation or buildup as it would if those two met in a WWE ring. But they would set the wrestling world on fire if they ever locked up in the squared circle once more. Especially if CM Punk had The Bullet Club in his corner.

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