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ROH News: Cody Rhodes makes strong statement on the current state of pro wrestling

Alex Ferns
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The 'American Nightmare' Cody believes we are entering a Dream era

What's the story?

Recently, current Ring of Honor Champion Cody (Rhodes) talked to Buffalo News about multiple wrestling topics.

In the interview, one of the most interesting things Cody said was that he believes that pro wrestling is heading into an 'unbelievably good era' for both wrestlers and fans.

In case you didn't know...

Cody Rhodes has been wrestling in the indies ever since his departure from WWE in 2016, after being with the 'E for 10 years. Currently, Cody is wrestling with Ring of Honor after signing with the company exclusively in September.

He is ROH champion and a member of the popular stable the Bullet Club.

Cody has had problems with the WWE ever since he left. His biggest issue with them has been over the use of the Rhodes name. WWE will not allow Cody to use the 'Rhodes' name outside of the organisation as they have the rights to it because Cody's real-life surname is Runnels and not Rhodes.

Cody is the son of the late great WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and the half-brother of current WWE veteran Superstar Goldust.

The heart of the matter

"The American Nightmare" told Buffalo News that pro wrestlers and followers of wrestling are now heading into an 'unbelievably good era of wrestling' because there is no so much variety in the business.

Cody stated how it is so easy to watch wrestling these days, thanks to WWE's Network, ROH's Fite App and New Japan Pro Wrestling's New Japan World provides English commentary. Hence, there are various types of wrestling products for fans to choose from.


Cody says this benefits the 'industry' 'financially' as well because the money is not going to just one company anymore (WWE), and is going to the many different companies and wrestlers that fans follow apart from WWE.

In the interview, the ROH Champ also talked about how he looks back very fondly at the match Goldust and he had against The Shield (Reigns and Rollins) at WWE Battleground 2013 in Buffalo with their dad Dusty Rhodes at ringside. Cody says his family consider it as Dusty's 'last stand'. Dusty sadly passed away in 2015.

What's next?

Cody will continue making waves in Ring of Honor with the Bullet Club. We will see if this era of wrestling lives up to Cody's hype in years to come.

Author's take

I think that Cody makes a great case for the present state of wrestling. Fans often complain about what wrestling is like now, but I think we should be more grateful for what we have.

The fact there is so much difference in pro wrestling now means there is a flavour of ice cream for everyone. I just hope the flavours don't become stale.

ROH and NJPW are doing better financially than ever, but the only problem for them is that the WWE is doing brilliantly, too. However, WWE's product has disappointed lately and decreases in crowd attendances and TV viewership show that.

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